Things you think that are good for Google Rankings but aren’t

Everyone who owns a website wants at some point to go up in rankings. When you are doing this, you have mainly two options. Either you do it yourself or you hire an SEO expert. You might find on the internet lots of advice about how to rank up your website. Often this advice doesn’t work because they are outdated or because they have a bad source. The best thing you should do when you start to encounter problems like this to find an SEO specialist.

One of the most misleading advice you find about going up in ranking is the use of headlines. Of course, headlines are important but what Google doesn’t care about is their size. It isn’t important which size you will use. Google will treat every headline exactly the same so an <h1> headline will be the same to an <h5> one. If you have a good SEO website designer he will know these things and will help your website not only to look better but to rank better. If you want to find some SEO packages that include redesigning your website visit Hed Solutions.

It doesn’t matter for how much time your website is online. Google will not treat differently a website that was registered in 1995 from a website that was registered in 2017. If you have a website that isn’t that accessed today as it used to before but it still stays on top of ranking it means that it has a built up SEO base. There are a lot of links that go to it and Google appreciates that.

Likes, shares or comments on social media don’t count directly. When you are starting to build a brand, you try to engage with your social media audience more and more. Unfortunately, this will not boost your website. Maybe you will see an increase in ranking that you will correlate with your social media presence but it has almost nothing to do with it. When I say almost I’m referring to what people are doing indirectly when they share your page. Maybe they are clicking your links or maybe some blogger sees your brand and writes about it. This thing will definitely help you to grow.

These are only a few of the worst advice you can find online. If you want to be sure that you don’t work for nothing hire an SEO expert. Hed Solutions is an SEO UK company that can help you boost your ranking. They have lots of SEO packages for businesses that will definitely suit your company.