Interview with Digital Marketing & SEO Expert Walter Ponce

Walter Ponce

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This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Digital Marketing & SEO Expert Walter Ponce.

Tell me about yourself.

My name is Walter Ponce, born and raised in Spain. I graduated from Barcelona School of Management with a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing.

I have more than 9 years of international experience in digital marketing, working for big and small companies in Spain, Switzerland and Singapore.

I love travel, visit different countries and understand better their cultures and traditions.

What is the most significant difference in the case of SEO and Digital Marketing between Europe and South East Asia?

Well, look, it surprised me because before I went there I related South East Asia with the world’s Most Tech-Ready place.

South East Asia has one of the highest percentages of smartphone penetration in the world.  But on arrival I was surprised because Singapore is not like Spain positioning and doing Marketing.

There are many things to do and the market is still not competitive. The youth tend to adopt new technologies more readily than older age-groups and Southeast Asia is the home to one of the world’s largest youth populations. If you are able to position yourself on the different search engine or just reach this audience via smartphone, you can make a lot of money.

I dare say that in a few years all the region will be one of the toughest places to do Digital marketing and SEO.

Do they have in this other part of the world something that we can import and use in the case of Spain?

I believe that everything can be learned at the end. Actually the whole SEO part is something where we play with ‘intangibles’. Every day there are more and more factors that change all this game and most of them are related to the user experience.

Although I believe in SEO, the key is to generate quality content, valued by the user and generate feedback (comments, shares on Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

You have experience in digital transformation, what is the most important challenge that brands must face when they digitize their marketing strategy?

Integrate processes, in most cases we find fragmented companies in processes not only marketing but other relevant departments for the good development of the company, which in many cases leads you to rework on transversal procedures on the company.

What made you decide to make a blog? Since when do you have it?

Well if I’m not mistaken I’ve started around 2013 or something like that. The truth is that it seemed a great idea to write with a personal point of view and to be able to share knowledge of something that you are passionate about to the rest of the world.

I hope I will be able to keep working on my blog and keep sharing my experiences and knowledge with other people around the world.

What recommendations would you give to those just starting out as bloggers?

Basically, focusing on something that really appeals to them and spending time is investigating and bringing in the new, always keeping a critical and hooking point of view. As in everything related to marketing … Differentiate yourself and create value!

Check out Walter’s Internet Marketing Blog at – Thanks for the interview, Walter!

Interview with Digital Marketing & SEO Expert Walter Ponce

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