These days, more and more people are required to take business trips. Whether you are an entrepreneur who runs your own business or are an associate for a large company, chances are great that at some point during your career, you will need to travel for work related purposes.

When you need to go on an important business trip, it’s important to ensure that everything goes smoothly, from your traveling itself and for every aspect in between while you are at your destination and actually conducting business.

Fortunately, at this point in time, things can be made much easier thanks to technology. There are many great apps that can prove helpful in a number of areas and which you can use right from your smartphone or tablet. Here are the top five apps you will need if you want your business trip to go smoothly.


GateGuru is one of the most important apps you can use when you’re going on a business trip or traveling via plane in general. It is free and can be downloaded to your iOS, Android or Windows 10 device.

You can store all of your current and future journeys and view them at a glance on the app’s main screen. When you are on your current journey, the app keeps track of your flight information, such as the airline by which you are traveling, the takeoff time, the landing time, the terminals and more.

GateGuru has a beautiful and simple user interface. With the AirportCard feature, you are able to take a look at a variety of information about the airport you’re using and you can get a nice visual representation of it. In addition, you can access maps, weather forecasts and other information.

Another nice perk of the app is that you can see details of places nearby to the airport you’re traveling from, such as restaurants, stores and services. Everything is personalized based on your destination. GateGuru makes your travels that much easier, relaxing and even fun.


HotelTonight is another great free app for business travelers. It makes your life that much easier when you have to find and book a hotel because it offers great deals on your stay. All it takes to use HotelTonight is three taps and one swipe.

You can check the top rated hotels in the city you’re traveling to and view wonderful last minute deals on them. Read reviews for hotels from other people who have stayed there and leave your own, book your hotel stay in as little as one week in advance and much more.

If you are a frequent traveler, you can even enjoy the convenience of adding your favorite hotels within the app and being alerted whenever they’re available. The app also provides you with 24/7 customer support. HotelTonight is available for iOS and Android and you should give it a try next time you have a business trip coming up.


Windscribe is a free app that offers VPN services, something that is very important when you’re traveling and need Wi-Fi access. Because there are many dangers to connecting to public Wi-Fi, such as hackers easily gaining access to your personal information, a VPN is a must.

The app hides your online activity by masking your IP address, making you virtually invisible while you’re online. You get 10GB of bandwidth for free every month with Windscribe. The app is available for iOS, Android, Windows and the Mac.


iTranslate is a free app for iOS and Android that is sure to be handy for anyone who travels to other countries. While you’re traveling, you can rely on it to translate anything that isn’t spoken or written in a language you understand.

It includes translations for up to 90 languages so that you are better able to communicate with the public or with business associates while you’re on a business trip. One of the best aspects of the app is that it now also works offline, so you don’t need a Wi-Fi connection or data to use it.


Expensify is another free app for iOS and Android that is excellent to have if you are required to take business trips. It is a well-rounded app that lets you keep track of all your expenses while you’re on your travels.

Snap photos of all your business related receipts, keep track of your expenditures related to travel, track your mileage with rental cars, get reimbursed on the next day via direct deposit and more. Expensify even has the ability to work with currencies in other countries. In a nutshell, it is an all-around accountant right at your fingertips.

Final Thoughts

All of these apps are absolutely essential if you have to go on business trips. Whether you travel once a year or every few months, you will find that each is a lifesaver that will make your travels much more convenient and worry-free.