Top Instagram Influencers: How the Coronavirus Has Affected Social Media Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers

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Imagine making 1.2 million dollars just by posting a picture to Instagram. That’s what Kylie Jenner does!

Nowadays, the top Instagram influencers are showing us that a picture is worth much more than a thousand words. In fact, even more than a thousand dollars!

But with the pandemic, relationships between influencers, sponsors, and audience is already changing.

But how? And why? And what does it all mean?

That’s where we have you covered. Use this guide to understand the ways that coronavirus is affecting social media and social media influencer relationships!

How Top Instagram Influencers Are Affected By Coronavirus

Here are the ways that this global pandemic affects top Instagram influencers.


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Instagram and other social media platforms help pay influencers through sponsoring their posts. The way this changes because of COVID-19 is that many stores are not able to operate and produce the items that they would be advertising to the public.

Because of this, many companies are starting to pull back when it comes to sponsoring influencers’ posts. That takes a toll on the way that influencers make money because things like sponsorships through an influencer’s promotion makes a big difference.

Audience Engagement

Now, because everyone has been stuck at home and most students are done with school, people are spending a lot more time on social media. That means that users are looking more and more at influencers’ content.

This puts pressure on Instagram influencers and other social media stars to keep producing content for their viewers.

However, many sponsors aren’t offering as many sponsorships to influencers because they aren’t able to make their products due to stay-at-home orders. So, it gets a little harder for influencers to please their audience while making a living because they don’t have as many sponsored deals to post about.

Top Instagram Influencers

Relatable Content

Finally, one of the aspects of influencer relationships that has become complicated by coronavirus is the push to create relatable content. Travel bloggers are stuck at a standstill, and vacations are a bittersweet concept.

Audiences want to see things that they can relate to, or at least not see as an impossible dream. That’s where niche creators have to work a bit harder to make posts that will apply to their fans and the public.

It’s a little tougher, but also can be seen as a creative challenge to occupy time in self-isolation!

Top Instagram Influencers

Struggles And Screen Time

So our screen time is increasing, sponsorships are decreasing, and everyone is staying home. Coronavirus is putting a lot of strain on many people right now, with top Instagram influencers included.

And now, you have some insight into the specific ways that the pandemic has affected the relationships and business of social media influencers. While it may be hard to see at surface level, the intricacies of running a business dependent on social media can be complex, even when lots more people are using social media at higher volumes than ever before!

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