Top 5 Wireless Earbuds For Remote Working

Wireless Earbuds For Remote Working

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Wireless earbuds are the cutting edge of speaker technology. Doing away with the hassle of wires, providing excellent battery backup, and fitting in a neat, pocket-size package, wireless earbuds are a godsend for people working remotely.

Working remotely means a wire-cluttered desk, noisy home environment, constant movement, and a generally distractive environment that hinders your focus. Wireless earbuds are an ideal solution to help you get rid of all your remote working problems.

With active noise cancellation, all-day battery life, crystal clear sound quality, loaded bass, and connectivity to both WiFi and Bluetooth, wireless earbuds will make your remote working life significantly easier.

Read on as we explore the top 5 wireless earbuds that will simplify the lives of people who work remotely. Let’s begin!

1. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Fashion First

The Galaxy Buds Live are for those who prioritize style, design, and color over anything else.

Available in Mystic Black, Mystic Bronze, Mystic White, and Mystic Red, the Galaxy buds give the fashionista in you a wide range of pop colors that go well with various outfits, both casual and formal.

The buds’ unique, macaroni-like design instantly grabs attention. But the unorthodox design also makes for a surprisingly good, ergonomic fit. It is designed to deliver good bass and decent clarity.

Just like the earbuds, the case for the Galaxy Buds Live is modern and stylish, and comes in the same four color options. The case is small and thin, and can easily fit in your pocket while leaving room for more.

The case can charge with a USB Type-C or wirelessly. One of the best features of the Galaxy Buds Live is that the earbuds and encasing provide a combined battery life of over 20 hours, allowing you to move in style: no chargers, no wires!

While the sound quality is good, don’t expect an over-the-top, fine-tuned listening experience on this one. But if you’re not a music pro, you’ll find the Galaxy Buds Live outstanding for casual music, video conferencing, YouTube, etc.

If you’re fashion conscious and are looking for wireless earbuds that instantly grab attention and go well with your outfit, get the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live right away!

Wireless Earbuds For Remote Working

2. Bose QuietComfort: Parent’s Relief

If you’re a remote working parent with kids, your house is a boom box. Online schooling, television, and the boundless energy that kids radiate can cause quite a racket, making remote working impossible!

There’s no way you can listen to music, focus on your video conference, or stream in peace when the ambient noise is blowing your roof off! That’s why Bose Quiet Comfort is, indeed, a parent’s relief.

As the name suggests, the Quiet Comfort is made for people looking to cancel all ambient sounds and focus on their work, music, and conference.

Considered the world’s most effective noise-canceling earbuds, the QuietComfort provides crystal clear sound quality and excellent battery life, even when noise-canceling is enabled.

Although it ships only in Triple Black or Soapstone (white), and with a design that puts function over form, the QuietComfort promises seven hours of battery life with active noise-cancellation on, making it last a full workday without any problem.

For any parent that’s looking to mute away their noisy environment to focus on work and get excellent sound quality, the Bose QuietComfort delivers better than anyone else.

Wireless Earbuds For Remote Working

3. Apple Airpods Pro: Techie’s Choice

Often regarded as the flagship of wireless earbuds, the Apple Airpods Pro have a bit of everything, making it the premier pick for someone tech-savvy.

A compact design loaded with features and Apple’s signature build quality, the Apple Airpods Pro really delivers.

Although slightly centred around the Apple environment, the AirPods Pro does work with Windows, Android, etc via Bluetooth.

With excellent noise cancellation, multiple tips to give you a comfortable grip, and built-in Siri, a techie could spend an entire day exploring this device.

Furthermore, the feather-light Airpod Pro also has an air track that gives you noise cancelation without blocking ventilation.

Although the case is slightly larger than the earlier Airpods, it’s still extremely portable and can easily fit in your pocket with room for more. Perhaps the only drawback in this device is the combined battery life of just 4 to 5 hours, which may not last an entire working day if used full time.

However, it more than makes up for that with Apple’s custom sound drivers that deliver outstanding sound quality and bass, even with noise cancelation activated.

Even though the sound cancellation won’t give you Bose-quality silence, it’s enough to hush down most ambient noise so you can focus on what matters.

Overall, the Apple Airpods Pro gives you a little bit of everything and comes pretty close to being the best wireless earbud out there. If you’re a techie, you must get the Apple Airpods Pro now, available at Best Buy.

Wireless Earbuds For Remote Working

4. Sennheiser Momentum: For The Sound Obsessed

Sennheiser has a reputation of manufacturing the clearest, richest-sounding speakers in the industry. With their wireless earbuds, Momentum, they live up to this reputation.

With Momentum’s 7mm proprietary dynamic drivers, you’ll hear the faintest to the loudest notes without any tear. It also gives you crystal clear 3D audio and booming bass that’ll transport you in no time.

However, this industry-leading sound quality comes with a catch. The Momentum has a combined battery life of just 4 hours, the design is quite raw considering the price you pay, and the controls on the earbuds aren’t the most intuitive.

However, if you care for nothing more than the richest sound quality, you should definitely purchase the Sennheiser Momentum available here on Amazon and get the best of music in the wireless earbuds industry.

Wireless Earbuds For Remote WorkingWireless Earbuds For Remote Working

5. Jabra Elite Active: Workout Specialist

If you’re looking for wireless earbuds to wear while working out, the Jabra Elite Active on Amazon is the ideal match.

Available in over six colors, including Mint, Copper Black, Navy, Sienna, Gold Beige, and Titanium Black, the Elite Active can blend in with your exercise gear and jumpsuits with ease.

Moreover, Jabra’s secure active fit creates a special grip coating that ensures your ear remains intact with the wireless earbuds, irrespective of the jolt created while exercising.

Furthermore, Jabra is also sweat-resistant and waterproof with an IPS57 rating. This means you can run with them on a rainy day or workout without having to think about any damage that the sweat might cause!

Loaded with features such as 24-hour combined battery life, good sound quality, clear calls and a mic, the Jabra Elite Active is the best workout buddy you’ll find!

Wireless Earbuds For Remote Working


These are the top 5 wireless earbuds for remote working! Whether you’re a techie, a parent, a gym lover, or a music geek, we’ve got something for all of you.

We hope you’ve found this post informative. If there’s something on your mind, we’re eager to hear you out in the comments!

Wireless Earbuds For Remote Working

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