Where To Spend Your End of Year FSA Money Online

Spend FSA Money

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Do you have some money in your FSA account at the end of the year? Maybe your employers have been contributing to it and now’s the time to spend? If you are lucky not to have had any healthcare-related incidents to spend it on this year, here are some ways you can use your FSA funds!

What is FSA?

An FSA account is a separate bank account where you can add money to cover various healthcare expenses. You aren’t taxed on this money, but it can only be used to pay for certain things. Some employers add money to FSA funds, although not all.

Where to buy online FSA approved items

What to buy with your FSA/HSA money

Cold and Allergy Products

If you have allergies, there are a few things that you can purchase with your FSA card, including some products to relieve the symptoms of your allergies. Or, are you someone who is always coming down with colds? You could purchase an at-home virus test, a thermometer to check your temperature, or a steam inhaler to improve your illness.

Vision Products

If you have poor eyesight, there are lots of things you can spend your FSA money on. Use it for your standard prescription glasses or contact lenses and solutions. You can also spend it on blue light glasses or light therapy to improve your vision and deal with other vision-related issues, such as insomnia from red light exposure. Check out Glasses Shop or Gunnar Optiks or Overnight Glasses for these products.

Spend FSA Money

Dental Products

Dental products can get expensive, so you’ll be glad to know that these are included in your FSA funds. Companies like Byte, which are similar to Invisalign are included with FSA cards, as are Smile Direct Club and SmileLove, which have the lowest prices for teeth aligners.


There are a few skincare solutions that you can spend your FSA money on. Light therapy is thought to be effective for acne, and can be paid for with FSA cards.

You could also purchase products instead, such as sunscreen, bug spray, or lip products with SPF (so they protect your lips from the sun).

Pain Relief

If you suffer from chronic pain, there are some solutions out there (that don’t involve taking a load of drugs). HealthmateForever is a muscle stimulator that is said to reduce pain naturally. Or you could try Revive Light Therapy and enjoy its benefits.

Safety Eyeglasses

If you have a job that requires you to protect your eyes, you’ll be glad to know that safety eyeglasses are actually covered with FSA money! Safety Glasses USA has an excellent selection of eye protection.

First Aid Kits

It is always beneficial to have a first aid kit, especially if you are somebody who frequently travels, or if you are prone to accidents. Your first aid kit could include bandages, plasters, ointment and medication. Most of these can be bought with an FSA card.

Foot Care

Your feet carry you around – so it’s imperative that you look after them! Braces, shoe insoles, and foot circulation massagers are all included on your FSA card. Your feel will thank you for treating them!

Mom and Baby Products

Mom and baby products include everything from pregnancy tests and ovulation strips, to breastfeeding pumps and baby monitors. This category basically includes anything that will make you feel more comfortable during the pregnancy, birth and while the baby is growing up, so if you are expecting or have a young baby there is undoubtedly something that you’ll need.

Feminine Products

Feminine products are of course, essential, so it is only right that your FSA money covers them. You can use your card to pay for supplies of sanitary pads, tampons, or even reusable menstrual cups, which can be used for up to five years.

As you can see, there are dozens of things that people need to keep their health and comfort tip top. All of these products will make your life a little easier and help to ensure that you stay healthy throughout the new year. These are the most popular non-medical ways to spend your FSA money, but there are plenty more as well! Click on any of the links to see more about the products and explore your options.

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