Being a mom could mean the end of your working career, and the start of another one, which is basically looking after the kids and the household. Don’t keep a sad face though, as there are several ways and methods to find some extra money to make it through the day. Heed our advice and start racking up the bucks to buy some extra stuff, pay off debts or stash in your savings account.

First off, try to resell your old books. These materials that are lying around your basement and cabinets could be turned into money if you find the right stores that buy them. The old adage, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” applies here. Try selling your books in garage sales, thrift shops and even on Ebay or Amazon. Don’t stop at books though – you can also sell some of the stuff you don’t need like old clothes, bags, shoes, etc. You’ll be surprised how much you can collect. As a plus, you just became a recycler! Isn’t that great?

If you have kids, take them out for a productive activity, like taking your neighbors’ dogs for a walk. With this you can hit two birds with one stone by earning some extra cash and having some quality time with your family. Earning money has never been this fun. Additionally, you could also work as a pet sitter and watch someone’s pet in your house. It’s convenient and will definitely make you some money if you do it once or twice a day. Just make sure the pets stay alive.

You might’ve heard of some sites in the net that offer freelance writing. Make use of your creativity and tap your writing prowess with it by writing for several websites. This is especially useful if you used to write. If you can’t, you better start practicing! Other than writing though, you could also work as a virtual assistant, data entry expert, call center agent or graphic designer. The possibilities are endless. In a few months, you might prefer just working at home rather than working outside. Just remember that your skill set will work for you, so watch some videos or read some articles on how you can improve your skills.

Nowadays, there are many parents who prefer home based care over the utilization of large day care centers. This is your chance to have some extra income. Another is doing this part time for studying children. You can pick them up after class and babysit them before their parents come from their day jobs. Use the time while they are at work to take care of your own household or do one of the jobs mentioned above. That way, you will be able to accumulate a lot of money to sustain your needs.

It’s all up to you how you can do this; just remember that you have to manage your time to earn something extra. Taking care of your kids while working part-time is not easy, so try to have fun while you’re at it!