How to Make Passive Income At Home

Working at Home

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Working at Home

Working from home has its many great benefits, especially if you have a family to attend to. Many websites nowadays offer opportunities for you to earn passive income at home. As long as you possess the proper skills and the right attitude, success is under way if you pursue your working at home dreams.

There are many jobs out there claiming to bring you passive income at home. Jobs range from data entry, customer service, and administrative jobs to freelance writing. Of all these mentioned, freelance writing seems to bring the most job opportunities.

Writing articles is not something you can just go about doing without a little training and practice. True, you do not need to have a degree in Journalism in order to write, but you must have at least a little training or a refresher course in basic grammar and sentence structure. Also, with practice, you will find yourself getting better and better at writing.

Freelance writing does not simply involve writing per se; you need to have the proper network in order to land jobs. Social networking sites can help you in some way, but if you are new to freelance writing, you can try submitting some of your work to these different article sites:

1. Hubpages

Hubpages is a great way to earn money through Google Adsense, Kontera, Amazon and EBay. “Hubs”, the term that refers to your articles, can be edited in order to maximize them.

Hubpages also feature keyword help, preview section, YieldBuild and section for your achievements on the site. These things can help you earn more profit from your articles.

2. Squidoo

Squidoo features a very unique layout which makes it easy for starters to navigate. Articles are called “lenses” and earning money is also possible through EBay, Amazon and Google AdSense. These are third-party affiliate sites and you get paid a portion of each sale you refer from your lens.

3. Articles Base

Articles base lets you promote another article or your site through submission of articles with links to their directory. This is ideal if you want to increase traffic and ranking of your article.

4. Associated Content

Associated Content gives out a fixed price of AU$1.6 for every thousand views of your article. Members are assigned a clout level, and when you reached clout level 7 which is the highest, you get paid out AU$2.10 for every one thousand article views.

5. Ezine Articles

Ezine is perhaps the most popular of all article directories today. It is a great way to promote a site or another article by submitting an article with two to three links to the site. You make money by increasing your search engine ranking and if you use affiliate promotions on your site.

6. InfoBarrel

Infobarrel lets you promote you article within the site as well as through forum posting. The site also lets you earn 75% of revenue from Google AdSense.

7. Demand Studios

Employment opportunities include not only writing but also editing, film making, title editing and more. Most of the articles required are in “How To” format. Their content, however, goes to article sites such as and You get paid a set article price and commissions from your article views.

8. Short Task

Short Task offers simple work which can be done in a short amount of time, it can range from writing an article on a certain topic, researching an article, arranging information, posting links, forum posting, job vacancy posting, filling out online forms to making phone calls, etc.

As you can see, you can quite easily (OK, not that easily) make money from home if you’re prepared to invest some elbow grease. Don’t expect to get rich overnight. Any business requires due course and hard work to be built first before you can expect to rake in the cash. Having said this, it’s very much possible to do.

13 thoughts on “How to Make Passive Income At Home”

  1. Working from home is great for people with families. I have done this for years and love it. I like spending time with my pets too.

  2. Farida Janmohamed

    Please, please try to find something for me do at home, I am very desperate. I could do typing, data entry, or some kind of computer work, or even baby sitting from my home.

    Thank you in advance.

  3. I dream to be full time blogger, it very nice work with our schedule, enjoy everyday with our family etc, nice timothyng.

  4. I haven’t heard of any of these websites. I am very intrigued. You learn something every day. As a blog writer, I will say the more you write the better and faster you become at it.

  5. Through blogging and free directories submission you can easily advertise your products easily.

  6. If you are interested to give your home at rent and want more income first you need to improve your home and then you demand for money.

  7. Michael Enriquez

    There are lots of way to have an income while at home, outsourcing is a big help for those who wants to earn money…and after some earnings you are free to go everywhere including eating on some restaurant that offers restaurant discounts to freelancer people like us.

  8. I can’t agree more with several of these comments above, working from home is often difficult and you are expected to work more than in the usual 9-5 in your local office.

  9. muriel ann ong

    i am so interested to have a work at home..can anyone help me find one please.. 🙂

  10. I agree with ya.. Working from home is worth it’s reward,specially when your making money.

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