Affiliate review pages are very important in affiliate marketing, how to write them is an art that requires many skills like copywriting and sales skills.

There are many ways you can promote your affiliate product and how you promote it depends on what kind of assets you have.

To better demonstrate my point, here are some of the most common ways to promote an affiliate product:

  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Advertisements
  • Review Pages

Email Marketing requires that you own a list of subscribers, and this is the most valuable asset any affiliate could have.

When you own a targeted list of leads you effectively have the ability to sell your affiliate product with a push of a button.

Promoting your affiliate product using paid advertisements like PPC or banner ads is very common among affiliate marketers who have access to a decent budget.

Paid ads allows you to easily promote your affiliates offers, sometimes without the need of an affiliate website as you can simply put your affiliate link in the ad itself and let it run.

Creating a review page to promote your affiliate product is very effective method, it allows you to highlight the strengths of the product and bring out its best features, even when the product’s sales copy isn’t written very well.

Add Videos and Screenshots

A picture speaks thousand words; this saying applies very well when creating affiliate review pages.

If you have access to the product then you should create a video that shows you using it. Such videos can have high impact on your affiliate sales conversion because people love to see the product in-action before they buy it. It makes them feel that they are one click away from enjoying the product.

If you don’t have access to the product then you should do a YouTube search for the product name to find walkthrough videos.

How to Write an Affiliate Product Review

Sometimes the product’s sales copy will have a video on the page and while those videos as mostly promotional and don’t actually show the product in use, they can still be a good addition to your review page.

Add Benefits and Features

Affiliate marketing is closely related to the copywriting field which is helpful when you write your review pages.

A good copywriter knows how to highlight certain keywords and what headlines to add to his review copy. Writing and presenting the products features and benefits is purely a copywriting skill.

Every product will list the set of features and benefits they offer, however they are integrated within the pitch copy. This means that you are going to scan the page and extract the benefits and features you deem important to your review page.

For example, for this product I scan the sales copy looking for benefits that are valuable to anyone who might be interested in the product.

How to Write an Affiliate Product Review

You have to understand your niche well to be able to know what the problems that the product solves are.

You can use Google’s keyword tool to find what people search for in the niche, usually people search for problems and from that you can know what benefits to add in your review page.

Add Testimonials

Products that are popular or at least generated few sales will have customers voicing their opinion which forms testimonials.

Some of those testimonials will be positive and some are negative, but if you are sure of the product’s quality you can pick out the positive testimonials to add to your review page.

A good way to find those testimonial is to search the forums by doing a Google search for “PRODUCT inurl:forum”

How to Write an Affiliate Product Review

When you go inside each forum thread, try to find sentences that look like a review of the product because you won’t find the testimonials on plain sight.

How to Write an Affiliate Product Review

You can see how I strike out the non testimonial part of the sentence and kept the actual opinion of the product.

You then put that text in your review page and cite the source (forum link), this way your review page readers can check the source of the testimonials and know it is real and not made up by you.

Some affiliate marketers will take a screenshot of the testimonial which also make it look authentic.

Give Bonuses & Discounts

A good way to increase your affiliate sales for the product is to offer something that the product’s website is not offering.

Contact the product owner himself and introduced yourself as an affiliate for the product, ask him if he could give you an exclusive discount coupon.

In most cases product owners will be glad to give you such discount because they know you will work hard to generate sales for the product.

Discount coupons are a great way to generate sales from your review page, because people tend to look for deals when they buy something. And if they find that you are the one who are giving them the deal and not the product website then they will buy from your affiliate link.

Another way to make your affiliate product review page more attractive to buyers is to give away bonuses.

Bonuses can be PDF guides or pretty much anything that complement the product. They have high impact on your sales conversion rates because they know that they are not only buying the product but also getting some extras.

If you have a hard time finding ideas for what to give to your review page readers then you could do a Google search for “free KEYWORD”.

Don’t hit the search button, but instead wait for Google to generate suggestions.

How to Write an Affiliate Product Review

The bolded keywords are your bonus ideas; it is what people look for in your niche.

So for example if you wrote a PDF guide listing few meal plans for weight loss, then your review pages readers will love to buy the product from your affiliate link just so they can get these meals plans as well.

And the more relevant your bonus to the product the more compelling and usual it will be.

In general, affiliate marketing opens a room for your creativity that can be expressed in your review pages.

And the most important thing to consider when you write your review page is to be honest about the product. Don’t over sell it or push it as people are smart enough to recognize a desperate affiliate from a professional and knowledgeable one.

I myself have many affiliates promoting my product using review pages, and many of those affiliates warn me that they only write honest reviews and I reply to them that I won’t have it any other way.

Any good product will not be afraid from an honest testimonial, so if the product you are promoting is of high quality then your review page will be honest.