3 Ways To Get Blog Mentions

get blog mentions

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get blog mentions

Do you want to get blog mentions and get your name out there on the web? These tips are here to help.

Direct Messages On Social Media

A direct message will work in the same manner as an email.  There are some influencers who protect their email addresses so you will not have access to them.  However, their social media accounts will generally be less protected and you need to consider this.

Of course, you will not want to abuse the fact that these accounts are less protected.  When you write a post, you need to ensure that it goes beyond anything else that has been written on the topic.  This will make it more worthwhile for an influencer.

When you start to direct message the influencer, you should tell them that you are writing a post and would like to include a quote.  You could also take something that they have published, cite it and add a link to it.  You could then let them know about this via direct message.

It is important to note that you have limited characters on social media so you need to keep it short.  URL shorteners should be used to save on your characters.  You should also ensure that you mention the person’s name as this will feel less like spam and get them to read it.

Social Media Mentions

Social media mentions should also be looked at.  When you write a post that mentions an influencer or a brand, you should mention them when you share it on social media like Twitter.  To do this, all you have to do is add @ or + before the name of the influencer or brand.  You can do this when you use a posting system or when you post via the social media website.

Most people will keep an eye on their mentions, even the big brands.  It is important to remember that while a brand might be large, there is still a normal person handling their social media accounts.  When you mention the person or brand in your post, you will be letting them know about this.  You will also often get them to share the post as well.

Contact Forms

If direct messages and mentions are not working for you, you might need to get a bit more creative.  Using contact forms is an option, but you need to remember that this is not a high outcome process.  It can work, but it should be your last resort.

If you have mentioned a brand or influencer, you should go to their website and sent them a message via the contact form.  You should keep this short and stick to the point.  Let them know about the post, state that you mentioned them and add a link.  That is all you need to do and if they are paying attention, they might share the post on their social media accounts.

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