How to Become an Influencer Using YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram

How to Become an Influencer Using YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram

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As the days of traditional marketing using television and magazine based ads are fading away, brands are turning to social media influencers to connect with people who may be interested in their products. Influencers are normal people who excel at communication and can create a strong audience of followers. 

How to Become an Influencer Using YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram

Influencers speak with an authentic voice that committed followers trust. Once you have a fan who trusts your credibility, they will most likely purchase the product you are endorsing. Would you like to be a successful influencer so that you can make a living at home? Let’s look at how you can use these three social media platforms to get you started. 


YouTube is a powerful video-based social media platform that many successful influencers use. It is estimated that there are over one billion viewers on YouTube per month, and this is an excellent opportunity for companies to showcase their brand.

How To Become An Influencer on YouTube

Once you have created an account, begin making high-quality engaging content that will keep your followers entertained while giving them educational content about the product you are endorsing. Then begin with advertising revenue, such as Google Ads. 

Become an affiliate with YouTube. When you endorse a product naturally on your channel, people will see how the product can be used that is relevant to their lifestyle. When someone purchases that product from your channel, you receive a percentage of that sale. 


Instagram is one of the most popular visually based social media platforms available. According to the Pew Research Center, Instagram use is most popular among young millennials. 

How To Become An Influencer on Instagram

Many influencers say that Instagram has the most engagement of the platforms they use. Keep in mind, that using this platform is different than YouTube as Instagram relies solely on still photos, while YouTube is a video-based. Successful influencers charge companies a certain amount of money per post, and the more followers they have, the more they can charge. 


Once you have created your Pinterest account and begin to upload visual/text content, you need to get noticed. Start by following other pinners in your specific niche. Make sure you have a solid bio and nice profile pictures so that people can relate to you. Start a group board where followers can contribute to your niche board. When you create a group board, people will see you as a leader in the niche which gives you accountability.

How To Become An Influencer On Pinterest

In order to get noticed by companies, you need to pin high-quality unique and authentic pins several times per day, as often as 25-30 pins. Pinning take a lot of work, but can be rewarding, lucrative, and fun!

These three platforms should all be approached differently as not everyone who follows you on YouTube will be on Pinterest or Instagram. However, by creating quality content on a consistent basis, your fans may follow to those other platforms where they can see you endorsing different products. Always reply to comments and opinions and stay engaged with your followers. The more authentic your voice, the more companies will reach out to you, which can lead you to a lucrative stay-at-home career.

How to Become an Influencer

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