4 Tips for Boosting Your Business Image

So, you’ve been running a solid business for some time now, and you think it’s time to boost that brand and grow. Well, building up your business image is going to take dedication, time and, above all, patience. Rising up a level from a typical successful business, to a known brand is achievable, but it’s no walk in the park.

An impeccable website

Whatever product or service you might be pitching, you can rest assured that the vast majority of your customers are going to knock n your online door first – there is no time to be wasted in the busy modern world. The thing is: no matter how awesome-looking your physical retail store is, most of your prospective customers are going to skip right past a cringe-worthy, non-user-friendly website. What this means is pure monetary loss.

Hiring a UX expert will help you boost your site in terms of user experience on many different levels that transcend your experience – we aren’t talking about the basic stuff such as easy-to-find contact info; the mere placement of certain links and buttons plays a key role in keeping the customer browsing around your website.

Use search engines

Just like the impeccability of your physical retail shop plays no real role when it comes to website visitors, the beauty and the perfect user experience that your site offers matter little when you consider the people who are looking for your product type. In essence, employing search engine marketing and SEO will help you generate traffic and make a name for yourself. If you specialize in water filters, and you happen to be among the top search results regarding that particular keyword, you are already working towards a solid reputation.

Don’t be afraid of bragging

Being humble is for everyone from a war hero, to a professional artist, but it’s not right for a business. This is simply because, as a rule of thumb, war heroes and artists don’t intentionally get into their respective situations. For an entrepreneur, well, let’s just say that success leads to more success – and bragging about it will generate more leads. Feel free to talk about your success, but, even more importantly, be proud of your employees’ success, and don’t be afraid to talk about it. Awarding your high-performing employees with corporate awards will give them an incentive to excel further, it will motivate the rest of your workplace, but it will also help you build up your brand image.

Don’t offer them the ‘what’, show them the ‘why’

Say you are a company that specializes in sound insulation. Following a particular less-than flawless logic, you’d come up with a tagline, along the lines of “we offer awesome soundproofing options for musicians, pros and private properties”.

Brief and to the point? Yep! Efficient? Nope! Why? Well, exactly: “why?” This tagline offers nothing but vague, unimpressive promises – it sounds like something a tired old company would offer.

Now, how about this: “We want you to have your peace of mind, whether you’re producing or playing music, working from home, at work, or looking for some greatly deserved rest in the middle of a concrete jungle”. Sure, this tagline doesn’t say what you offer, but there’s a hint in there. The message is much more pleasant and it’s what sets apart this fictional brand from the sea of others. It also contains useful information – it is aimed at everyone who needs some quiet and peace of mind.

Is your tagline tedious and typical? Work on changing it and giving it a real face. It’s really not that hard.

When trying to build up your business image, focus on perfecting your website first – it’s arguably the most common initial reaction that your potential customers are going to have with your business. Focus on SEO to boost your search results, don’t be shy about bragging and polish your message and tagline.