10 Ways To Promote Your eBay Store

Promote Your eBay Store

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While setting up shop on eBay is relatively easy, getting the right exposure to your target audience entails promoting your store. While most of the unique products will hit the ground running, some bit of advertisement and online promotion is needed to get the much-needed visibility. Outlined below are some of the best ways to promote your store for increased exposure and sales.

1. Bump Your Auction

You can advertise your eBay store on various channels. Although you can still opt for the higher converting paid option, there are plenty of free sites you can promote your products and listings on.  These sites will, however, need your auction number, photos of what you sell, and a description of the same. Freebie advertisement sites only allow three auctions at a time. Put up the higher value items first before introducing the others.

Promote Your eBay Store

2. Twitter Is Your Friend

The social media is the leading source of online traffic today. Tapping on its power can help promote your products and store pretty first. Create an account on Twitter, then start building a following with the same. You can use your profile to promote your products through tweets, as well as encourage your followers to share the same. You may also want use bit.ly to shorten URL links for easier sharing.

3. Facebook

Facebook works in an almost similar way as Twitter. Many people use their personal profiles on Facebook to promote and market their products on social media. You too can follow suit to improve your product’s online visibility. You can also use Facebook to target potential customers as well. Although a paid option, this can be a great way to make your product and store known.  You should also consider joining the numerous Facebook groups that can help you advertise.

4. Blog

Creating a personal blog can also help you get your eBay store known online.  You can start off by creating a free blog with WordPress. Many people use their WordPress blogs to share thoughts, experiences, and ideas, then later convert it to a sales page.  WordPress is free to use, though you can still use the paid version for more functionality and improved features.

5. Promote via Google AdWords

Google AdWords is another excellent channel that you can use to attract more traffic to the online store.  Although some people struggle to understand how it works and especially when setting up an advertising campaign, the returns on investment on the same are remarkable.  You also have to part with a few bucks to get the ads up and running.  You can however limit how much you wish to spend per day, click, or auction depending on your budget and conversions.

Promote Your eBay Store

6. Domains

Buy a domain to promote your products on. You can get a domain for as low as $7 per year on GoDaddy.  You’ll also need a hosting site to make your web pages accessible online. Setting up a website for the first time can be challenging and even take several days/weeks before it is up and running. Some patience is therefore needed to make this work. Alternatively, you could purchase a website package to get round the time factor.

7. Cross-Linking and Cross Promotion

Cross-linking and cross-promotion provide an excellent way to promote more than just one auction. This mainly comes in handy for persons with more than one auction. You could also cross-promote with a friend or unique selling on eBay as well.  Cross promoting also helps boost your store’s visibility to search engines. Here is a good guide on how to embed an eBay store.

8. Leave Comments

Most customers and even audiences will leave questions, suggestions, and comments on your blog, social page, or as a review for a product they purchased.  Taking your time to read through these comments and leaving a reply on the same means people can trust you. Most buyers will come back to see whether there’s a reply to their feedback.

9. Research

Doing some research on a promotion campaign, you wish to roll out can save you tons of time and frustration.  Simply looking at how other sellers are promoting their products, how they list their products and other methods used can give you fresh ideas on how to handle yours. eBay also makes it possible for one to sort through previous auctions to see how well they faired, and how long it took for the sale to close.

10. Be Trustworthy

Although the main idea behind selling on eBay may be to generate some income, you still need to build integrity from the store. Aside from selling products, buyers and audiences will see you as a brand, whereby they can either recommend or advise against buying from your store. Some of the best ways to build a reputation on eBay include clear communication, shipping fast, and delivering quality products to customers.

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Promote Your eBay Store

Promote Your eBay Store


Promote Your eBay Store

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