5 Benefits of Entering the Locum Tenens Industry

Locum Tenens Industry

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Have you ever heard of the locum tenens industry? The term locum stands for workers filling in a temporary vacancy for another person working the same profession, mainly referring to physicians and nurse practitioners.

The shortage of physicians in rural communities has forced healthcare institutions to hire temporary medical staff to handle non-permanent assignments home or abroad. These assignments have become largely popular in practitioners, providing them with an opportunity to travel, make career advancements, and earn high salaries. In fact, thousands of medical professionals have quit their full-time jobs to pursue the locum tenens lifestyle.

The following benefits explain why entering this industry has become a dream come true for physicians.


Flexibility is one of the most attractive qualities people look for in a job. Therefore, locum tenens is a perfect job opportunity for physicians looking for flexible recruitment in terms of time and location. By entering this industry, you’ll be able to choose where to work, as well as for how long. You can look for assignments in your home country or abroad, depending on your attitude towards traveling. Read here about the concept of workplace flexibility.

Moreover, physicians are only supposed to get in touch with locum tenens recruiters and be offered a huge number of job opportunities. After discussing your goals, recruiters will provide you contacts of potential employers for you to check their contract terms.

Excellent Salaries

Another attractive benefit of entering the locum tenens industry is getting an excellent salary. Locum tenens stand to benefit inexperienced physicians still having medical loans to pay off, as well as experienced workers who need extra money for home improvements and retirement plans.

When compared to the salaries physicians receive for permanent employment, locum tenens compensation is generally higher. These salaries are more competitive because of the surprising demand for temporary employees, capable of filling in vacancies on short notice. Also, housing costs and malpractice insurance are covered by the employer. In case you need to move temporarily, you won’t be required to pay a single cent for rent.

Locum Tenens Industry
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Travel Opportunities

The freedom to travel while fulfilling the job responsibilities appeals to a large number of physicians. Workers who aren’t prepared to commit to a certain workplace can explore the world while doing their best to provide medical assistance to people of different nationalities. The following link, https://www.forbes.com/sites/averyblank/2019/01/15/6-ways-travel-can-jumpstart-and-advance-your-career/?sh=53a31762610e, explains how travel can jumpstart and advance your career.

New physicians aren’t the only ones that opt for travel instead of commitment. Medical workers in the midst of their career paths are also fond of adopting such a lifestyle. Before retirement, many workers wish to experience international travel while pursuing work assignments. After long years of working a full-time job, many physicians don’t want to be deprived of the opportunity to see the world while still working the job they love.

Flexible Schedules

Another advantage of entering the locum tenens industry is the ability for workers to negotiate their schedules. Due to hectic work schedules, most people miss out on important family events, vacations, and spending quality time with their loved ones. These types of temporary assignments allow individuals to live near their families for a limited period by choosing an assignment in the place where they live.

Conversely, some practitioners tend to accept assignments in locations near their homes. These workers either choose commuting as an alternative or use the housing provided by the recruitment agency.

Professional Development

The majority of medical workers prefer working such temporary jobs due to the endless possibilities for professional development. By entering the locum tenens industry, practitioners are provided with various primary care, family medicine, and urgent care assignments. The possibilities for networking and skill improvement are much better than those available with permanent employment.

These practitioners are capable of gaining insight into new practices and healthcare systems. The knowledge and experience these workers acquire while working on temporary assignments are invaluable. Helping patients from various nationalities is crucial for making advancement in their careers. Instead of dealing with workplace issues, you’ll be able to devote your entire time to patients.

Final Thoughts

The locum tenens industry opens a new world of endless opportunities!

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