Marketing from the Couch: 8 Digital Marketing Jobs You Can Do From Home

working from couch

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Digital marketing jobs are one of the fastest growing sectors in modern business. With new platforms and technologies yearly, online professionals are on the rise.

But what if you’re more at home working in your pajamas? At-home earning is becoming more common, but can a digital marketer work at home every day? Offices are disappearing, but it can be difficult to imagine yourself earning offsite.

working from couch

Luckily for you, though, today’s article will bring you eight up-and-coming digital marketing careers you can do from home.

Product Marketing Manager

In marketing, Product Marketing Managers get to be quite hands-on with the work they do. These tech-savvy individuals manage new product versions and communications.

Certain companies may want these managers on site, but startups often allow virtual work to save space. All you’ll need is a working knowledge of technology and relevant software experience, and a passion for your work to keep your senses sharp

Affiliate Marketing

Our final entry into today’s list is the fast-growing field of affiliate marketing. Learn to promote brands on your blog, website, or social media channels as part of a healthy business relationship.

There are dozens of ways to involve yourself with affiliate marketing from home, even without a website or email list. With a little ingenuity and some solid networking, this can be a full-time job that earns you a five-figure monthly salary.

PR Coordinator

In the role of public relations coordinator, you’ll need to use a company’s branding and platforms for better marketing. Whether online, print or broadcast media, your job is to put the best face possible on the company so that its target audience will trust it.

There are many who think a PR coordinator handles crises or helps to present a positive story when a company is in trouble. The truth is, public relations coordinators help companies during their upswings, as well – but you don’t hear about them when things are good. A PR specialist assists product launches, new campaigns, and in driving the company’s public profile.

You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in journalism or communications, business or something related.

Content Strategy

The classic digital marketing position for the stay at home earner, content generation is a growing field with a lot going for it. If you have any blogging experience, you’ll understand the impact content generation can have on a website’s traffic. So, why not spread the love, and show companies how to succeed using the methods you’ve acquired?

As a content strategist, your work will help brands pick a direction for their content as dictated by their goals. You’ll develop strategies through campaigns and projects, and deliver progress reports every month.

There are always opportunities for this style of work, whether you work at home or in an office, in-house or remote for an agency like BrandLume. Keep track of your case studies and become the stay-at-home content strategist local businesses want to hire.

Marketing Editor

Some companies will use large groups of writers to churn out lots of content to represent their services. This is all fair and well, but the more people you bring on, the more opportunity there is for mistakes. This is where you come in, stay-at-home editor.

Check advertising texts for mistakes and inconsistencies for them to remain effective. From web copies to e-books, sales materials to blogs and articles, the marketing editor is the gatekeeper for all outgoing content. It’s their responsibility to check for relevant SEO, off-brand writing, and general typos and mistakes.

While this is a coveted position, one downside to this is that the editor becomes responsible for any slip-ups. After all, they’re supposed to be proofing. To start work as a marketing editor from home, you’ll want to have impeccable writing skills and a working knowledge of SEO, as well as the company’s brand.

Marketing Analyst

For the detail-oriented among you, marketing analysis is a strong opportunity to earn money at home from digital marketing. Turning data into an effective marketing strategy is one of the unsung services that makes digital marketing the wonder that it is. And, you guessed right, you can do it from the comfort of your own home!

You’ll combine analytical skills and strategic thinking for this role, as well as that all-important knowledge of SEO.

Digital Marketing Consultant

One of the most flexible roles in the digital marketing sphere, for someone with the versatility and ambition to get it, this could be the ideal job.

Consultants are pretty well paid, with companies placing large amounts of value on their services. Agencies may hire consultants to analyze their processes or streamline specific areas.

You might start as a freelance consultant, taking on clients and work as needed. There’s also plenty of room for offsite consultancy, carving out your place in a company while you work from home.

Email Marketer

Email marketing isn’t one of the most talked about techniques for digital marketing, because it can seem a little old fashioned. The truth is email technology is one of the most effective communications platforms you’ll find anywhere on the Internet. And businesses want you to help them reign it in, in-office or at home.

To get started, you’ll need a working knowledge of email platforms like Mail Chimp, excellent networking skills, and access to a few good mailing lists.

Digital Marketing Jobs: Why Leave The House?

Digital marketing is a force of nature. In the last decade, it’s grown from a technique used to give savvy businesses the edge to one of the leading marketing services in the world. And the best part is, all you need to start bringing in digital marketing jobs is an Internet connection, a laptop, and a comfy couch.

If you’re looking for more great ways to make money from the comfort of your own home, check out our other amazing blog content today and start earning!

Digital Marketing Jobs You Can Do From Your Couch

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