5 Effective Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Online Business

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5 Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to your Online Business

Building an online storefront is easy nowadays thanks to powerful yet user-friendly e-commerce platforms. Even novice webmasters can have an online shop up and running in literally minutes. What isn’t easy is promoting that site to the masses. Here are five surefire ways to prime the traffic pump.

Good Old-Fashioned Blogging

Despite the high upfront investment in time and manpower, blogging is still one of the most productive promotional methods around. Your posts can be either topical or evergreen as the situation may warrant as long as they funnel readers to your business portal. A mix of informational material and commentary will always work wonders.

Unobtrusive Forum Marketing

Regardless of what your business does or sells, there’s a forum on the web dedicated to your area of expertise. Find forums that cater to potential customers and weigh in on posts when it’s appropriate. Casually slip in your business name without making it sound like a direct pitch to avoid counterproductive forum spamming.

Viral Informational Videos

When consumers are searching for information on solving a problem, they often head straight to YouTube. Creating videos that address the issues important to your potential clients allows you to market your business in a number of ways. You can link to an e-commerce destination and use your perceived authority to boost brand reputation at the same time.

Big Social Media Networking

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest are traffic-driving powerhouses for e-commerce sites. The only problem is that a killer social media link-building campaign is harder to develop than you’d think. A topnotch online marketing firm like Meredith Broadcast Digital Solutions can help any small business to quickly ramp up traffic.

Highly-Targeted Online Ads

Sometimes, it makes sense to fast-track web traffic growth by buying online exposure. Google’s AdWords program is the preferred platform for paid online advertising. However, it’s hardly the only one on the market. Facebook Ads and Twitter Promoted Tweets can be just as lucrative as AdWords if you’re savvy when it comes to paid online advertising.

Devising the Perfect Promotional Strategy

If you’d like to take your e-commerce site’s traffic from zero to sixty in short order, a layered approach is best. Use all of the tactics mentioned here on a trial basis at the outset to see what works best. Once you’ve come up with the optimal promotional mix, hunker down and commit yourself to it fully.

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