There are five essential keys to maintain a successful business. Each key requires continual review to evaluate its efficiency.


These keys are business environment, supply chain management, marketing, product review and planning profits.

Clean and Efficient Business Environment

A clean and efficient business environment includes buildings, equipment and fixtures to display and sell inventory. In addition, equipment to supply, deliver and keep records is essential. Any downtime is costly. The first key is to keep the business clean and efficient.

Fixed assets may be leased or purchased. Although each decision has its advantages, these decisions impact the bottom line. Various software programs use estimated life, costs, cash inflows and outflows to determine the best decision. Effective business communication increases productivity and builds customer relationships. A great way to have effective communication is to get involved with a unified communications service. Some companies provide unified communications to combine voice, data sharing, email, instant messaging into one application. The system is ideal for departments, employees and others to communicate needs and solutions for effective business solutions.

Supply Chain Management

Since turnover and markup determine revenue, retail businesses should constantly analyze their supply chains. New suppliers and different routes may reduce time and cost for replenishing the inventory. Turning inventory into cash at an efficient rate is the second key.


Marketing is the process of finding people to buy your products. Successful businesses constantly work to expand their markets.

Marketing specialists are familiar with the methods, areas and types of customers that are best for your business. Their databases can target the customers that are likely to buy from you. Using these services should give you a good return on your investment. Marketing is key to maintaining successful businesses.

Reviewing Products

Knowing what products people will buy is essential for successful businesses. New and improved items can turn old inventories into obsolete junk. A key for successful business is knowing when to have a bargain sale to make room for the improved or new product.

Planning Profits and Future Financial Positions

Financial statements are excellent tools for planning profits. The income statement is used to plan revenues and expenses. The balance sheet is used to plan desired future ratios. These two statements show the efficiency of the keys to maintaining a successful business.


Keys to maintaining a successful business requires constant evaluations and setting future goals. The five keys in this article should serve both beginning and experienced entrepreneurs.