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In the past week, I’ve been interviewed by Voices of Marketing and Stephen Esketizis. Not only is that great publicity for myself, but it’s great content (if I do say so myself) for those website owners.

Interviews are a win-win for all involved

  • Website A interviews Website B.
  • Website A gains unique (and hopefully good) content.
  • Website B gains links back to website.
  • Website A publishes link via RSS and shares post.
  • Website B gains new visitors from Website A’s post.
  • Website B shares posts via social networks.
  • Website A gains new visitors from Website B’s shares.

For more tips on boosting your content with expert interviews, check out Ann Smarty’s recent post on Entrepreneur.com.

Asking for interviews

Contact your peers and owners of blogs that you actually read and like. They may be flattered that you asked to interview them.

Reach out to local and online businesses that offer products that are relevant to your site. For instance, for my shoe blog, I did a series of interviewing shoe stores and designers.

If you have a specific topic in mind that you’d like to write about, submit a request to HelpAReporterOut (HARO) and people who are familiar with your topic will contact you as they want to be interviewed in exchange for free publicity.

How to get interviewed

Simpy share on your contact page, blog posts and/or social media that you are available for interviews. You may be amazed the response!

HARO is another good resource here. They send out A LOT of emails, and it sometimes gets overwhelming to read through them all, but I try to scan them when I can. I actually have had friends forward requests to me saying they saw a request and thought of me, thinking I should reply. And I in turn have the done the same for my friends that are in different niches than me or have different qualifications. You can even reply to topics that you are passionate about or do as a hobby that have nothing to do with your blog as they can still publish “Jane Doe of yourwebsite.com suggests…”

Ann Smarty wrote another post on BoostBlogTraffic.com about how to get interviewed by popular blogs (even if you’re not a big shot).

That all being said, if you’d like to interview me or would like me to interview you for a blog post, contact me!

Online Interviews Are Good Content