5 Regular House Maintenance Tips for People Who Work From Home

regular house

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70% of people globally work from home, at least once a week. This means more people are switching to telecommuting life. And it comes with many perks!

You don’t need to wear pants, talk to your coworkers, and you spend more time with your furry friends!

regular house

But you get so focused on your job, you forget the things around your house that need to be done. The dishes start piling up, you forget to wash your car, and you get so used to the dust bunnies that they stop bothering you.

If you work from home, read these 5 regular house maintenance tips so you (finally) remember to clean when you don’t work.

1. Inspect Your HVAC Systems

Summer is right around the corner. If you spend most of your time at home, you need to ensure your AC is nice and cold during the hot summer months.

Start by inspecting your systems. Ensure they’re not making weird noises and they’re blowing out plenty of cool air.

This is also a good time to change out your air filters. Never forget — your AC unit needs new filters once every couple of months.

2. Test Your Smoke Detectors

This is a common home maintenance tip many homeowners forget to do. If there’s a fire in your house or your complex, you’ll want to know before the smoke suffocates you.

How do you test your smoke detector? Find the “test” button. Press the button. If the alarm sounds, the alarm works.

3. Deep Clean Your Home

Yes, finally make it a point to clean your house. And this doesn’t entail a simple dusting — REALLY clean your home! Clean the doors, windows, appliances, attic, basement, and any other room and/or area you tend to neglect.

Fortunately, you don’t need to do this often. Once every six months is a good idea.

4. Check Your Drains

Checking your drains will prevent any drain damage such as leaks.

You may not be a plumber but you can sense when your drains are damaged. It’s easiest to look for extra water puddles and leaks around the drains in your home and outside. If you find any issues, it’s best to call a plumber for drain repair.

5. Take Care of Insect Problems

Insects are more than gross. They can cause serious issues in your home. For example, termites can seriously damage your home’s structure. And poisonous spiders such as a brown recluse or brown widow can threaten your safety.

If you notice any pesky insects, take care of them by calling a pest control service. You can also deter them from your home by setting traps, closing all doors and windows, and cleaning up all food and water from your floor.

These Regular House Maintenance Tips Will Result in a Clean Home

From a deep clean to checking your appliances, regular home maintenance is important. Even though remote workers are always at home, they’re so distracted and usually ignore these essential maintenance tips.

But performing normal home maintenance in-between your shifts can result in a clean and well-functioning home!

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