7 Practices to Make Your Online Ads Copywriting Convert

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In a world with more than 3.6 billion Internet users, it is no wonder that the global digital advertising expenditure is going to reach more than $335 billion within the next three years. Online marketing has become the most important element of brand promotion and that’s why marketers allocate enormous budgets to this sector.

With so many investments in digital advertising, companies demand successful campaigns and the substantial ROI. In such circumstances, it is crucial to maintain the highest standard of online ads copywriting and to make it convert. This can be a huge burden for marketing teams because it’s not always easy to come up with innovative and clever copywriting solutions. However, there are ways to overcome the problem.

How to Improve Your Copywriting Skills

Copywriters depend on their imagination and practical creativity. But besides these traits, strategic planning paired with a number of technical elements can help them become even better. Here are the 7 most efficient practices in that regard.

  • Don’t mistake your target audience

This advice may sound too simple but it’s actually very important to pay attention to it. Namely, a lot of companies think that their products are universal and suitable for everyone but this is never the truth. That’s the reason why 16% of the world’s smart phone users are blocking ads on the mobile web.

If you are selling houses in Los Angeles, you have a huge base of middle-class people as potential buyers. But if you are selling luxury villas, you need to choose the appropriate advertising channels and emphasize that you have the first-class offer only. Let it sound like this:  

LA villas – Your own little piece of paradise.

  • Headline is the key

The first impression is always the most important. It seems like 8 of 10 readers never make it past the headline, which is why we made this the first suggestion on our list. If you don’t create a captivating headline, you can hardly expect the readers to show more interest in the rest of your online advertisement. On the other side, attractive titles promise readers new discoveries in the text and invite them to read more.

Good headlines are revealing just enough to make the followers interested and curious about your offer. For instance, there are books with the most intriguing titles such as “English as a Second F*cking Language”. This title is the advertisement per se – it clearly suggests that you shouldn’t expect just another English learning book. And if you need help evaluating titles, you can always use a tool such as Headline Analyzer.    

  • Promise more than just a product

The product alone is not enough to make a bigger impact on the market. Online advertising should use additional tricks to deserve more attention. One of those tricks is to promise more than just the product. Whether it’s the free giveaway, retail coupon or a discount brochure – it doesn’t matter as long as it can add value to the basic product.

Of course, we are not saying that you should make false statements. Only make promises if you can fulfill them. This is the most efficient way to advertise your service and make the readers more engaged.  

  • Fulfill your audience’s demands

Your target consumers are very demanding as they want only the products with the best specifications. Companies spend a lot of money trying to convince consumers that they can make exactly this kind of offer. As the matter of fact, digital advertising became the $72 billion industry in 2016.

This should make you think about the needs and requirements of your customers. What is it that they need and how to provide it? You can visit public chats, webinars, or online communities to discover such valuable details and then add it to your products. Do things that make you better than competitors – it’s the only way to outdo them.   

  • Stick to the writing standards

Although copywriters tend to be creative and proactive, it is still necessary to stick to some general writing standards. Most of all, you need to apply the 4U’s rule: urgent, unique, useful, and ultra-specific. Jeffrey Maestas, a digital advertising specialist at BestDissertation.com, recently stated: “You can play with the feelings of your audience or the writing style you use but you can never play with the 4U’s rule. Without it, your ads will lose meaning and you will lose customers.”

  • Use your imagination

Now that you have the best headline and know precisely what your consumers are looking for, it’s time to get creative. Stick to the 4U’s and use your imagination to add some spice to your online advertising. Be clever enough to emphasize additional advantages of your products mentioning its specific features. Everybody knows what to expect when buying a pair of shoes but you can add a little something to catch the buyers. For example, you can write “free shipping” in your promotional message and that can become a decisive moment for some customers.

  • What makes you so special?

Online advertising should promote your services in the way that makes you stand out from the crowd. But it’s not only about the products you offer – it’s also about brand vision and values. Namely, almost two-thirds of buyers claim that shared values are the reason why they establish the relationship with the brand. Always promote your vision through online ads. It will make you widely known and appreciated among the customers.


Contemporary businesses don’t sell products or services merely on the basis of their high-quality. They need a powerful advertising – especially online – to distinguish their brands from competitors. That’s why marketing teams develop strong copywriting strategies. In this article, we gave you an overview of the 7 best practices to make your online ads copywriting convert. Give them a try and let us know in comments what you think about it!

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