Promotional Products

Positive brand recognition can help any business build its reputation, client base and revenues. One of the best ways to create this recognition is through promo products that are either merchandise that members of your target market use regularly or attractive print materials. Consider the following when crafting your promotional strategy:

Office Products

Subliminally remind people that your business exists with a wide range of commonly used branded office supplies, such as pens, pencils, sticky notes and calendars. If you can afford a larger investment, promote your business with custom digital clocks, mouse pads and calculators.

Collectible Merchandise

Guarantee engagement and positive word of mouth advertising by selling, gifting and rewarding branded collectible merchandise to customers and employees that relate to your industry and company or generic items you have branded that people commonly collect. For example, you might offer custom bobble heads, shot glasses and beer steins.

Home Items

Grab people’s attention and keep it with various home products. Sports teams do this all of the time with branded pillows, blankets and wall clocks. Additionally, offer anything that people usually can’t do without like promotional travel coffee mugs, umbrellas, canvas totes and key rings.

Special Clothing

Anything that a person wears outdoors is a promotional item that essentially serves as a mini billboard. Feature your business name and/or logo on athletic and casual clothes, such as ball caps, tee shirts, socks and sneakers.

Custom Packaging

Send out every package with your business name, logo and contact details printed on it and your shipping labels. Packaging can also become a collectible or home item. For example, consider utilizing a company like Contempo Card and mailing small products double-packaged in custom-branded tins and shipping boxes.

Print Inserts

One of the biggest promotional items achieving results today is print inserts. These aren’t your own direct mailers. Instead, make an arrangement with a promo firm to include custom inserts inside of packages sent to customers in your target market by other business owners.

Scannable Codes

Engage tech-savvy members of your audience with scannable Quick Response (QR) Codes. Print your logo inside the code, pop up your details on customer portable devices or link to your business website or electronic shopping cart. QR Codes are memorable because they show that you have a modern company focused on convenient, mobile communication technologies.

Reaching consumers through promo products doesn’t have to be an expensive task. Many of these ideas involve budget-friendly products that you can custom-order and start using within a few days. A creative spin on the way your company is branded could be just what you need to attract more customers.