7 Ways To Monetize Your Writing Skills

7 Ways To Monetize Your Writing Skills

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There are some core competencies that every person has acquired in life. We start to read, write and speak when we are kids, and we actually do not notice that these skills require some efforts when we are adults. However, some core competencies may be turned into professional skills. And one of them is writing.

Currently, none of the companies, agencies, institutions, or organizations can exist without content. They need slogans, mottos, press-releases and, of course, texts for their websites. They need articles for promotions, texts for marketing goals, blogs posts, news, etc. And nothing of that can exist without writing.

Today, the profession of a writer becomes more popular. A writer is no longer a person who writes books, a writer is a content creator who may work in different fields like copywriting for digital marketing agencies or custom writing services for students. They may even develop content for games or software. Writing is diverse, and if you want to become a writer, you need to understand how you can monetize this skill.

1. Create Your Own Blog

Your own blog is your business. If you feel that you can really work on different aspects of running a blog, for example, marketing, promotion, lead generation, maybe even selling place for advertisements, you should definitely try this. Of course, running a blog may be rather challenging especially in the fields with a huge competition. You need to be an influencer in a certain field to make sure your readers come to your website and follow you on different social media.

2. Writing Paid Content for Blogs

It is not a secret that sometimes bloggers do not write their posts but order them from other writers. For a young and inexperienced writer, as well as for professionals, this is a good way to make a fortune as these posts are regularly paid quite generously. However, this way is rather complicated as you need to know many bloggers and these bloggers have to trust in you and your skill of writing.

3. Writing Ads for Internet Portals

If you feel that you have a way with words and can even influence people, try yourself in online advertisement. These ads have nothing common with working in traditional marketing agencies, as here you need to remember principles of online promotion. You may write long reads, some brief notes and descriptions, or some content for link placing. It will be also great to try your advertising skills on social networks. For example, you can become a kind of SMM manager who creates content for Facebook and Instagram. The Internet really gives multiple opportunities and a good writer will always use them.

4. Becoming a Naming Master

Naming is one of the most appreciated writing skills. Of course, you will not work for one company for a long time, but you will be able to cooperate with marketing agencies and work with various companies from all over the world. Besides, you won’t need to write thousands of words to express your ideas or your creativity. It will be enough to write only one word.

5. Writing Mottos and Slogans

Another way of writing shortly and briefly to capture hearts and souls of people is to create mottos and slogans. For some writers, this is difficult as they cannot express all thoughts and gather all ideas in several words. However, there are many who are good at the magic of impressing with a couple of words. You may combine this skill with naming and earn even more money.

6. Creating EBooks and White Papers

This is the best way to monetize writing skill for writers who prefer to write long texts and do detailed research before starting to write. Many companies need these papers for lead generation. Choosing this way of monetizing writing skill, you may expect to work for a long time for one and the same company or website.

7. Become Article Contributor

If you are not sure that you can write all the time or that you want to quit your job to become a writer, you may just try yourself in writing articles for different media or online magazines. Today, high-quality content is very valuable, and if you know that you can create such content, you can actually earn some extra money with your talents and skills. It is always better to contribute your articles to some popular sites such as Hubspot or Forbes, but you can choose any portal or site that you want.

If you have decided to make writing your way of earning money, these 7 methods to monetize your writing skill will be rather useful to you. If you do not know what to choose, try different methods to define what is better for you, in what field you feel yourself more confident, and what is the most interesting and captivating to you.

7 Ways To Monetize Your Writing Skills

7 Ways To Monetize Your Writing Skills

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