8 Best software tools for your home business

The last few years were great for young entrepreneurs, and it looks like the future belongs to them as well. If you are an inspiring entrepreneur and you’ve just started your small business, you should really consider using some software that will help to manage your company. There are plenty of free and paid software available, and you should do a research before utilizing one of them. The text below will provide you with info on some of the most effective and popular programs online. Feel free to give them a chance before you settle with your favorites.

1. Slack

This service is one of the best choices when it comes to team communication. You can forget about cluttered message boards that hide important info among lines of small talk. You will never again miss a message which was directed to you, and the whole group will be able to communicate precisely. Besides plain communication, Slack will allow you to share files, make phone calls and search old messages.

2. GSuite

This software is provided by Google, and it can assist you with a wide range of services. The GSuite is basically a package of applications which can facilitate purchasing of the domain, tracking website analytics, setting up an email client, creating and executing marketing campaigns and much more. These benefits come with a price, but it’s affordable. Conducting business with this all around service will be enjoyable and efficient.

3. GoCo

Every respectful company must pay attention to human resources. You already know that this part of the business can get hard and paper heavy. Because of that, a lot of entrepreneurs are switching to online solutions such as GoCo. This platform will take care of all crucial HR tasks such as hiring and firing, document management, performance management, and even time-off tracking. This service will also help you with payroll, so your hands will remain free of boring paperwork.

4. GoodHire

Another way to save yourself from excessive paperwork is to start using GoodHire. This platform will help you with hiring new employees by checking their background. It can conduct employment verifications, driving record checks and even drug screenings. Just a few clicks on your smartphone will be enough to receive a detailed report about your potential employee. The biggest plus for this service is its efficiency. Namely, all needed info will be provided within 24 hours, so you will be able to continue with hiring interview in no time.

5. Freshbooks

This software is the best pick for small businesses when it comes to accounting. It got two prestigious awards in 2016, which confirmed its quality. The main upside of this platform is its scale depth. You will be able to choose from a variety of available services which can be set to do expense management, cloud invoicing, reporting, and it will assist with payment processing. If you aren’t familiar with this software, don’t hesitate to seek help from the best accounting firm,  or find a similar one in your area. They will be happy to install it for you and help with maintenance.

6. Quora

Regardless of your and your employee’s expertise, now and then you will be left without good answers. In case you want free and high-quality assistance, go ahead and visit Quora. This Q&A forum is crowdsourced, and it provides answers to a variety of questions. The best thing about Quora is that all users that want to contribute their expertise and answer some questions, must verify their identities. This means that you will be able to get high-quality answers from real experts using the platform.

7. Intercom

Having great communication with customers is crucial to the success of every company. This goes for website-based businesses even more. Your online clients need to be educated about your site and the way of using it, so your best pick for tackling this issue is Intercom. This software provides live chat interface which can be used for customer education. Of course, this platform can also help you to engage your customers to be active on the website, while making the interaction easy and efficient.

8. Trello

The makers of HipChat, Atlassian, recently purchased Trello for over $400 million and confirmed that this platform is one of the best team and task management software on the market. By using Trello, you will be able to create boards and cards, add notes, set due dates and much more. The whole business organization will be much easier since the interface is simple and user-friendly. Your employees will really like it since all tasks will be at the same place and they will always know what and when to do.

Final thoughts

Conducting a small business became much easier in the past few years. The main reason for that is the development of online tools which can provide wide specter of services. Most of them have a free trial option, so you can try them for some time and see if they meet your needs. Make sure to try as many platforms as you can, since the market is packed with them, and the longer you search, the better search results will be. Set up your tools and let them do what they do best, while you do creative part of the job as a real entrepreneur.