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Last Updated on March 11, 2018 by Work In My Pajamas

If you’ve attended any related affiliate conferences in the last year (ie Affiliate Summit, Ad-Tech), you’ve probably received complimentary subscriptions to Revenue Magazine.  They really should scrub their mailing lists, as I receive at least 5 copies every month.  But this is one magazine that if I didn’t receive it free, I would definitely pay for.

In fact, when it first launched, I was one of the initial paying subscribers, and I read it cover to cover every month.  Revenue Magazine is not only dedicated to performance (affiliate) marketing — it is the standard in the industry. I’ve personally met their editor and staff and they’ve all impressed me.  Here is a list what to expect in every issue and why you should subscribe today…

  • Search Engine Strategies (including the myths to ignore)
  • Great Design Ideas (content, color, and site layout does matter)
  • Marketing Industry News and Events (stay current and ‘work’ your network always)
  • Interviews With Industry Leaders (the do’s and don’ts)
  • Innovative Ways to Raise Your Revenue (an ongoing evolution, endless creativity in every issue)
  • Tips for Affiliates (proven strategies and tactical implementations that really work)
  • Affiliate Success Stories (they are real as I’ve known all of them interviewed)
  • Plus receive your subscription for only $17.49 through our special offer link! Normally $30.
  • They even offer their own Affiliate Program.

2 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Must Have”

  1. Revenue is a great magazine. In fact, a year or two ago Traffic Swarm used to give it away for free…but not anymore. They now send just an email newsletter type version, which is definitely NOT the same as reading the physical magazine, and isn’t as complete.

    But it’s definitely worth the read!


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