If you’ve attended any related affiliate conferences in the last year (ie Affiliate Summit, Ad-Tech), you’ve probably received complimentary subscriptions to Revenue Magazine.  They really should scrub their mailing lists, as I receive at least 5 copies every month.  But this is one magazine that if I didn’t receive it free, I would definitely pay for.

In fact, when it first launched, I was one of the initial paying subscribers, and I read it cover to cover every month.  Revenue Magazine is not only dedicated to performance (affiliate) marketing — it is the standard in the industry. I’ve personally met their editor and staff and they’ve all impressed me.  Here is a list what to expect in every issue and why you should subscribe today…

  • Search Engine Strategies (including the myths to ignore)
  • Great Design Ideas (content, color, and site layout does matter)
  • Marketing Industry News and Events (stay current and ‘work’ your network always)
  • Interviews With Industry Leaders (the do’s and don’ts)
  • Innovative Ways to Raise Your Revenue (an ongoing evolution, endless creativity in every issue)
  • Tips for Affiliates (proven strategies and tactical implementations that really work)
  • Affiliate Success Stories (they are real as I’ve known all of them interviewed)
  • Plus receive your subscription for only $17.49 through our special offer link! Normally $30.
  • They even offer their own Affiliate Program.