I think Lisa Barone said (ok, tweeted) it best “Aren’t all the cool kids going to BlogWorld? That’s what I heard.” And I’m excited to say that I’m going to be one of those cool kids this year!

Next month, I’ll be attending my first Blog World Expo. And not only will I be attending, but I’m speaking in the Monetization Tract with Missy Ward, Scott Jangro and Brian Littleton talking about “Affiliate Marketing Blogging Secrets”.  See who else is speaking on the monetization schedule posted by Tim Jones.

So, I’ve booked my trip to Las Vegas!  I found it cheaper to fly Allegiant Air from a closer, smaller airport than making my usual trek to Omaha. I decided I’m staying at the Las Vegas Hilton* since it was inexpensive and within walking distance of the Convention Center.

I hope I receive my Poken in the mail that I won from I WearYourShirt.com and PokenZoo.com before my trip so I can “high four” everyone there!

Are YOU registered for BlogWorld yet? Or you can take your chance and win a free BlogWorld pass from John Chow!

*I applied to the Hilton affiliate program managed by Converseon.  I replied to the “Your Application Has Been Received” email asking how long it would take for approval. Reply was “2 – 5 days”.  After 8 days, I replied again asking. Reply “You should be approved next week.” Not cool. I ended up booking my stay through Hotels.com where they are offering up to $100 Rebate! And I’m still not approved for the Hilton program.