How Blogging Can Drive More Traffic to Your Business Site

It’s not uncommon for many people to view a blog as an online diary and blow it off as insignificant. Truthfully, it can serve as an online diary, but for your business. In that case, it can really serve your business really well. Most companies have a section on their website that’s solely dedicated to the company blog. Believe or not, many customers live for the blog entries and want to know what’s going on with the company. There are a few reasons why you should use a blog as a traffic source for your business.


A blog can help drive more traffic to your business because it establishes you as an authority. Granted, you have to make sure that the content you share can also speak to that as well. Whatever industry you’re in, stay on top of current events and developments in the field. Share information about how your company knows more than its competition and is charting its own path, but let it be understood through your content.

When you become consistent about staying “in the know” regarding your industry, people will naturally look to you as an authority figure in the business and come to you first when they need something that you provide.


Get into the habit of blogging on a regular basis because you can optimize your posts with SEO strategies. If you’re building a blog through the WordPress platform, consider using the Yoast widget to make sure each post passes the SEO test with flying colors. This allows you to rank higher in the Google searches over a period of time.

It also helps you to stand out as the go-to company for a specific keyword. Choose keywords that align with your company’s purpose and use them consistently in your copy. If you were Wheaton World Wide Moving, for example, you’d want to use keywords such as “interstate moving” or “local movers” throughout your blog posts for SEO value. This strategy is not for the faint of heart. Consider doing this consistently for at least a few months. It is worth it, though. Before long, you’ll begin to generate more organic traffic on a consistent basis.


It is wise for a company to keep up a consistent blog because it can help keep your company relevant and actively engaged in the online conversation. Make sure the topics you choose will align with what’s happening in your field so that you can encourage dialogue in the comment section and on social media. As you share it on social media, tag major companies that can benefit from the post. If the content is good enough, they’ll repost it or follow you. Either way, you’re on other people’s radar this way.


Not only do you want to share relevant information, you’ll want to become intentional about sharing events you have going on in the company. This is also the place to promote your products and services. Promote the value you provide to your customers. You’ll also want to share any great news that your company has to share—impact on the community, employee promotions, etc.

Overall, blogging can do so much for your business and is worth the investment of time and creativity. Plus, once you invest the initial time to get the ball rolling, it serves as a passive stream of traffic and can serve you really well in the long run.