Reasons why a blog is important for your SEO

Many businesses who are seeking to become successful are looking to drive more traffic to their websites. Instead of solely relying on word of mouth, many seek to improve their website traffic with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

This is important as when a potential site visitor is typing a term into a Google search, a list of potential websites that fit that search are then shown ranked in order of most relevance.

Businesses want their website to be ranked first in this Google search or at least as high as possible. Many website owners put aside time to develop SEO strategies or seek out help from the best SEO agency they can find.

There are many ranking techniques out there and one fantastic method is to include a blog on a website. This article will explore the reasons why having a blog is so important for SEO.

Blog posts can be shared: The great thing about blog posts is that they can be shared around the internet. When a reader enjoys a post they often will share it to their social media pages or email it to loved ones.

Many bloggers will contact other websites in the same field and ask to use their blog posts on their own website. This is called a guest post. This not only increases organic traffic to the website but it also increases the popularity rank in search engines.

It can also be beneficial to reach out to other writers to see if they would like to swap guest posts. This way both websites are not only building business connections but are increasing their chance of higher search engine rankings.

There are also many Facebook groups out there that allow people to share their articles. While using these groups can help visibility it is important to only share to groups that are relevant to the website. Seeking the support of a great SEO company in Sydney can often prove to be beneficial as professionals know how to best share blog posts for the best results.

You can include images: Including images in a blog post is a simple and effective way to improve a websites visibility in a Google search. It is imperative to include visibility strategies when including blog images such as ensuring that the images are relevant to the article and including alt and title tags.

These tags let Google know what the image is about and make a huge difference when it comes to optimisation. Again, figuring out exactly what to do with blog images can sometimes be time-consuming so many seek out the best SEO company they can find in order to experience better results and faster.

Posts can be linked to social media: Another reason why having a blog is so important is that posts can be shared to social media. This means that there are more website links that can be found by search engines.

Seeking out a great SEO company in Sydney is the perfect way to build strategies on how and where to best share blog post links on social media. A great way to get started is to ensure that multiple social media platforms are used.

There are so many to choose from including Facebook, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

To ensure that all appropriate platforms are being utilised many bloggers seek out the help of social media managers who can work remotely while taking the grunt work out of keeping on top the plethora of social platforms.

It keeps your website up to date: Posting regular blog articles helps show search engines that a website is alive and current. A blog is more likely to be found when it is refreshed regularly so many bloggers will post articles on a weekly basis or sometimes more often.

In order for Google to see up-to-date content, it is imperative to include dates in all posts. In addition to implementing personal strategies, finding a SEO company in Sydney to help keep a blog fresh and up-to-date is a smart way to ensure that search engines are picking up on a website regularly.

This way the hard work of putting out fresh content each week doesn’t go to waste and a website can become more visible as well as receive more traffic.

Relevant words can be used: Google bots will crawl websites to see what words they feature to help decide which sites should be shown for different search terms.

For example, if a post regularly mentions smartphones, then that website is more likely to be shown when someone is looking for a smartphone than a website that does not include any relevant words to a smartphone.

Having a blog is the perfect way to include words that you think readers will be typing into a Google search bar. It is important to not to include the same word too many times as this will be picked up as spam and can often make the article hard to read.

Creating a post with extremely relevant and valuable content, with a few selected keywords mentioned only a couple of times, is a great strategy that can be implemented when a blog is included in a website.

In conclusion, it can clearly be seen that there are many reasons why having a blog is important for SEO. Posts and articles can easily be shared on social media and on other websites, images with tags and titles can be included in posts to increase visibility and posts can easily be linked to various social platforms.

Keeping a blog up to date helps search engines know a website is alive and it advantageous to have the ability to include selected keywords. While there are many benefits to having a blog, it can be extremely beneficial to enlist the support of professionals.

Finding the best SEO company possible can take the stress out of the whole process while still gaining the benefits of more visibility.