How To Create Customer Engaging Video For Marketing

How to create customer engaging video for marketing

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How to create customer engaging video for marketing

Video marketing is one of the great ways of projecting your products or services to the outside world; it is an easiest way of communicating your business mission and vision statements to the outside world.

If you don’t know how to create a video clip for your business, then you may have to hire someone to do it for you. Below are awesome tips that will help you to create a customer engaging video for your business:

Provide Exclusive Contents

Take some time to reflect about your viewers. What do you think they would like to see, and what is the message you want to share with them? Sharing ‘How-to’ videos are more effective, because besides offering great value to your viewers, you are also positioning yourself as an expert by showcasing your skills and competences.

Keep the videos short; viewers will lose attention if it is too long. Make your contents short, simple and highly exclusive.

Find cheerful personality to present

To achieve more results in your field, you will need to stand out. The person that will present your visual contents needs to be likeable, and cheerful. This is the type of personality that can perfectly showcase your products or services in a memorable and relatable way.

Most people buy products simply because they love the personality of the brand, not necessarily because the product or service is distinctively different from others.

Clearly explain the product

In video marketing, you need to clearly explain the products or services you offer within few seconds, preferably 90 seconds or less. You know the product or service more than any other person. If you don’t have a viable and convincing personality to present the products, then hire someone who will tell people who you are, what you do and the kinds of problems you solve.

Tell real experiences

Generally, people love good stories- good stories will surely improve viewer’s engagement. Find amazing ways of telling stories with your videos. Your clients/ customers would like to know how your stories will have great impact on their lives. Your video helps you to share your stories and connect effectively with your audience.

Include demos

Your video contents and title should engage users. Also, you should keep in mind of search engine optimization guidelines. Use keywords in the keyword tags, title and video description. Include a back link, share your video on your website, blog, YouTube and include a transcript- all these will help to improve your search engine optimization.


Finally, you can entice your clients/ customers by offering them a valuable giveaway in exchange of their names and emails. This will dramatically increase your chance of getting more sign up on your list. If your visual contents are interesting and engaging, people will go the extra mile to patronize you.

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