SEO Consultant vs Marketing Manager

The world of digital marketing is expanding at a rate faster than anyone thought possible. Every day, there are new changes and trends taking shape that completely change how companies approach digital marketing and SEO.

And you might be one of those companies that’s looking to get in on the action. But you’re wondering to yourself as you search about how to go about this: What’s the real difference between a SEO consultant and a digital marketing manager?

Well, let us tell you, there are big differences between both of those positions. And if you want your company to succeed in digital marketing with either of them, you’ve got to know the differences. So, before you find yourself a highly recommend SEO consultant or digital marketer, read below to learn as much as you can about these positions.

The Job Description, Itself, Is Completely Different.

Let’s take a look at the job description of both a SEO consultant and a digital marketer. There are key differences between them that need to be cleared up. For one, a SEO consultant is someone who focuses exclusively on optimizing your SEO processes and helping to get your site indexed higher on search engines. Their job description is pretty much solely centered around SEO and everything that has to do with that.

However, when it comes to a digital marketer, their job description is much more well-rounded than that. They are focused on everything that has to do with digital marketing – social media optimization, SEO, PPC, blogging, and every other facet of marketing online. That means that digital marketers are going to need to know a lot more than just SEO.

One Is In-House and The Other Is External.

When you’re looking at these two positions, SEO consultants are generally external and digital marketers are usually in-house. This means that when you hire a digital marketer, they will be part of the team. They will be one of the team members in your marketing department and will be an employee of your company.

However, SEO consultants are going to be external. That means that you will hire them as an external actor to give an unbiased audit and optimization of your SEO processes. You would go for a SEO consultant when you want to get out of the box and have an unbiased look at what you’ve been doing with SEO. A digital marketer, on the other hand, doesn’t give you that external viewpoint.

And both have their advantages! If you’re an established company that wants to be disrupted a little bit, an external consultant could be the best way to go. Or if you’re smaller business that’s just getting started, you might want a digital marketer who can do it all.

They Both Depend on Your Company’s Needs.

And, as mentioned in that last point, this all depends on your company’s needs. Do you only need help with your SEO? Or are you looking for a more well-rounded approach to your digital marketing needs?

As you can probably guess by now, an SEO consultant is going to be good for your SEO needs and a digital marketer is going to be good for all of your digital marketing needs. This also all depends on your budget too. Generally, when you hire a digital marketer, they’re going to cost more in training and HR costs than with an SEO consultant, who doesn’t need to be trained.

So, which one do you think your company needs? Either an SEO consultant or digital marketer will be good choices, but it all depends on what your company’s needs are.