So You Want To Be A Blogger? Here’s How To Get Started Blogging.

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People ask me all of the time what it takes to be a blogger. If you can write, you can blog! Here’s everything you need to know to get your own blog up and running in no time.

Pick a niche

What are you knowledgeable and passionate about? You’ll want to write about something you know a considerable amount about, be it a hobby, a place, a species, a genre or even a disease. The possibilities are endless. And so what if there are several other bloggers in your niche; every voice is unique.

Get a domain name

Do not, and I repeat, do NOT use a free service, like Blogspot or Weeby, to avoid getting your own domain name. You do not own the content when using someone else’s platform. And domain names are cheap for new registrations:

  • 1&1 – as low as 99¢ per year
  • GoDaddy – 99¢ special offer (I buy most of my domains here)
  • Google Domains – I was a Beta tester, but this now open to the public.

Now you need the actual blog!

This is usually the hardest part for everyone with no technical background. It would take me hours to explain how to set up hosting, install WordPress, then add themes, plug-ins, etc. And once you have a blog, you have to do regular maintenance and updates. I had originally wrote how to set up a blog on GoDaddy, but that was before I met Dave Vogelpohl while in New York City for Affiliate Summit last month. Dave is the Vice President of Web Strategy for WP Engine, and I had him explain exactly what WP Engine does and is. He sold me* on using them for blogging!

[Free eGuide] How to Start a Blog with WordPress

You can set up a personal blog for only $29 per month on WP Engine. That plan includes:

  • 24/7 support – Their customer service will solve any problem you have day or night.
  • Easy to use – The interface is basically walks you through everything.
  • Dedicated WordPress Hosting – This makes your site load super fast for visitors.
  • Automatic backups, updates and maintenance – This alone is worth more than gold. I personally pay way more than this per month for someone to do this to just a few of my sites. I’ve lost whole websites before because a plug-in wasn’t updated, and I didn’t have a backup, talk about frustrating!

If you already have a site hosted elsewhere, they will even help you move your content over (another valuable option).

Plus right now through the end of the month, is offering 20% off your first month when you apply the code: FASTSITE at checkout! Sign up here!

Now start writing

You need to build up your content before bombarding your visitors with any ads. Your visitors will find you more trustworthy if you don’t try selling to them right away. Leave your blog URL in the comments or contact me, so I can check it out, share and even offer suggestions. And be sure to sign up for my free newsletter to learn different ways to monetize (aka make money) your blog.

*I currently have about 100 websites located on three different hosting platforms. I have no doubt that I would save a ton of time and money if I transferred all of my websites to WP Engine. What am I waiting for? I need to end this post and go….

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  1. Kim, I have to warn you & others, to make 1,000% sure that WP-Engine will back up not just your software, but also ALL!!!!!!! your content updates. I lost about 100 hours of time, when they wiped out 40 hrs worth of content updates not once, but TWICE. I worked with them like 16 hrs/day for about 5 days until they gave up. They do not allow Backup Buddy which I had on my other sites … and falsely advertised they backed everything up, but not really. I’ve heard this problem finally got fixed in the fall but I’d make absolutely sure & test restore to verify.

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