Websites Offering Sweepstakes Submissions

I’m gonna share a technique that I use to drive traffic to some of my sites and build my subscribers very inexpensively. Ready?


Yep, everybody likes to win something for nothing. Offer a chance to win when they register for your newsletter or subscribe to your RSS feed! Or offer multiple entry options with tools for running giveaways and contests.  Of course, the higher dollar value of the prize, the more likely people are to enter, but you don’t have to break the bank to buy a prize.  I’ve even “re-gifted” prizes I’ve won from other contests and have merchants sponsor prizes.  Just make sure you clearly state the rules (ie how many times they can enter, any residency restrictions, when the contest ends, yadda yadda).  Once you have everything all ready set to go, submit your contest URL to sweepstakes directories for free traffic from contest lovers.  I plan to add more here as I find them (feel free to leave a comment if I’m missing some)…

Update: The list I had below was severly outdated (since this blog post was originally compiled in 2007), so I recommend you check out this list of 100 contest websites on UpViral.

Some directories ask, or even require, a reciprocal link to list your submission, so you may want to make a specific page for “More Contests”. Some links are forums, so you may have to register to post. Once your contest’s end date has arrived, pick a winner (you can even ask the winner to send a pic of themselves to post on the site).  Rinse and Repeat!  Hope this helps.

Websites Offering Sweepstakes Submissions