Working at Home

How To Find Work At Home Opportunities

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Working at Home

With the advent of the Internet, the possibilities seem endless for ways to make money. You are no longer tethered to a desk at an office. Gone is the need for long commutes every day. You can make money from home. Really? Is that true? It is.

Some Places to Start

There are many sites out there, but I have compiled a few that are legitimate companies that offer opportunities to those who are looking for a change.

Arise – If you have experience customer service, sales or technical support then Arise could be the right place for you. There is a certification process you must go through in order to become an Arise Certified Professional. – If you are a mom in search of an opportunity to help support the family while still being home, this is a site worth checking out. This company was started by Cheryl Demas and it has been around for many years. You can find message boards, job listings and much more.

Short Task – This site describes exactly what they are advertising – short tasks. There are countless tasks that are posted by companies who do not have the time or inclination to do these tasks so they are outsourced through this site.

Great Green Careers – Feel like saving the world? Well, you can do it from home with this site. These opportunities are geared towards jobs in the energy and environment fields.

Home Based Working Moms – It didn’t take long to realise there was a huge work force out there ready to be assembled with stay-at-home moms. This site is for those mothers who want the flexibility to be with their children but also want an opportunity to provide another stream of income for the family.

Rat Race Rebellion
– For those looking to get OUT of the rat race, here is a site that provides just that. There are many work from home jobs that are pre-screened. You can also find an abundance of advice and other resources.

Liveops – While many want a change from the 9-5 gig that may have kept them down, there are still those who crave the social interaction from being in an office environment. Liveops gives you an opportunity to work with others while still affording you the flexibility of working from home. It is a homecall service that will route calls from infomercials to your home number. You never have to commute again and you even earn a commission on the different products sold from the infomercials.

Write From Home

There is another opportunity that will allow for flexibility and time away from the office and that is freelance writing. This is something you can do from home and can be very interesting and rewarding. Freelance writing gives you the chance to write about many different subjects from Cooking to Travel. The more adept you become, the more opportunities you can find.

You should be willing to start small with a few jobs to gain experience and broaden your portfolio of work. The more you work, the more opportunities will come to you for your skills.

Beware of scams

While it is definitely possible to work from home, there are plenty of scammers out there who are trying to lure you into an “opportunity” that is not going to be in your best interests. Work-at-home scams abound and you have to keep your wits about you so you can know the difference between a legitimate opportunity and one that is not.

Working from home can be a great opportunity from the working mom to the professional who wants a change of scenery. With a little effort on your part, you can find success within the walls of your home.

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  1. Families are spending more time at home together because it’s become too expensive to eat out or head to the movies. This has been backed by the fact that Netflix has seen a jump in subscribers and profit because families are finding it a better option. This has led a lot of people to venture into business for themselves. I know this for a fact because I get a lot more emails and comments from people stating they’re tired of working for the man and they want to work for themselves.

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