How to Use the Law of Attraction to Make Money in Your Pajamas

law of attraction

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If you want to manifest more money while sitting at home in your pajamas, then you will want to read on. Sound like a dream come true? Does it sound like a spammy promise from some work-from-home scam?

Don’t worry. I’m not selling anything, and you don’t have to give up any personal data about yourself, sign up for any programs or do anything except receive the information I’ve been called to share with you and then decide for yourself if you’re ready.

You can use the Law of Attraction (LOA) to make money from anywhere, even sitting at home in your pajamas.

First, let’s roll it back a minute.

What Is This Law of Attraction Anyway?

The law of attraction states that you have the ability to attract into your life whatever you are focusing on. It’s based on the belief that there are specific laws that govern the Universe and that regardless of age, race, nationality, or even religious beliefs, we are all susceptible to these laws.

You may have heard of The Secret, or famous Mike Dooley’s phrase, “Thoughts become things”. That’s what we’re talking about here.

Maybe you’ve already studied the LOA and it didn’t work for you. Or perhaps you were able to manifest things, but cold, hard cash still eludes you.

This is because the one thing a lot of people pushing LOA won’t tell you is that manifesting money can be difficult. It’s hard because of “money blocks”. These are emotional blocks imprinted on us from the society we live in, the way our parents raised us, and other outside influences that we allow to shape our thoughts around money.

Here are some exercises you can use to help toss away your old ideas about money and use the Law of Attraction to make money in your pajamas:

1. Get Rid of Your Money Blocks

This is not an overnight process. You may have deep-seated issues regarding money or blocks that are not easily apparent but commit to taking the time to work through them. Did your family used to tell you that money is “dirty”? Were you raised to think that rich people are bad? Do you often complain about how you can never buy what you want? Do you make comments about being “too poor” for that? These are money blocks and you need to clear them to become “wealth-minded” so you can attract more money and abundance.

2. Get Grateful

Gratitude is the foundation upon which all wealth and abundance is built. Why should the universe give you more if you’re not even satisfied with what you have? It may seem difficult to feel grateful if you’re currently in a bad situation – struggling to make end’s meet or put food on the table, behind on bills, or drowning in debt. However, you can adjust your mindset and learn to express gratitude for all that you have. Keep a gratitude journal and write down daily the things you are thankful for. Watch as they pile up and you start attracting more and more wonderful things.

3. Get Real About Your Finances

Another important step to attracting more money is to deal with your current financial situation, even if it’s bad. If you have a lot of debt, you can climb out of it, but not if you keep hiding from it. Spend some time going over your budget, opening those bills when they come in and getting them paid, and seeking help if you need it to get your finances back on track. You can’t attract more money of you’re hiding from your current financial situation.

4. Get Rid of the Fear of Success

What would more money mean to you? How would it help you and your family? Think beyond that. What would it FEEL like to be wealthy? What are the possible cons of getting rich? Spend some time writing down the potential downfalls and fears you have and then moving on despite them. For each fear that you write down, determine the source. Did someone else put this fear in your mind? Is it rooted in doubt? A negative money story from your past? A feeling that you don’t deserve wealth? Find the source of the fears and then cut them out.

Now once you have done the work to remove the blocks (and keep in mind this is ongoing work and not something that goes away on the first try), you can start manifesting more money.

Consider doing a daily money meditation to help you attract more into your life. The best time to do this is before you go to sleep at night so that the message is absorbed without the distractions of daily life. Find a quiet, comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed, take some deep breaths to relax, then clear your mind as you would with any meditation.

Once you are in the zone, imagine money raining down on you. Imagine millions of dollars just floating down from the sky and falling onto you. Imagine it filling the rooms of your home, and even falling onto your neighbors, so that there is enough for everyone.

Once you get used to this money mediation, you can try it a few times a day, rather than just at bedtime. You can also consider money affirmations to say during the day such as, “I love money. Money is good.” Or “Money loves me and wants to take care of me.”

When you commit to these steps regularly, and you start logging your abundance and gratitude daily, you will start to see things shifting for you on the financial front.

law of attraction


law of attraction

law of attraction

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