Self-Care Ideas for People Who Work from Home

work from home self care

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Working from home is a benefit for many people. But while some picture those working from home as perpetually lounging in their pj’s while occasionally getting some work done, it’s not all daisies and roses.

In fact, those who work from home can easily become the biggest work-aholics around because there is no management or boss to limit how much work they take on, especially if they are free-lancers.

As a result, self-care can easily start slipping when every waking moment is about “just one more project.” But taking care of oneself is an important step to making sure your work continues to be its very best by ensuring that you are continuing to be your very best.

After all, you’re working so hard so that you can take care of you. So, below are tips on balancing self-care with working from home. For additional self-care tips check out

Have Human Contact

One of the downsides to working at home is the lack of contact with others. Good quality social interaction is important during the day. Not only does this have a direct impact on health, studies have shown that well connected people often live longer than those who are isolated.

Working at home is solitary in its nature, so an effort will have to be made to reach out to others. Text friends, call on family, even making administrative calls to a call center is helpful. Calling clients that haven’t been in touch lately is a good way to make social contact while getting much needed work completed.

Keep Track of the Back

Sitting all day can do a number on the spine and back. But unlike those who work in an office, those who work at home have the option to get up whenever needed. Those who work at home also have the option to try different desk options, such as a standing desk or using an exercise ball as a chair. Buying a good chair or lumbar support is another good option for keeping the spine healthy.

work from home self care
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work from home self care

Take a Walk Outside

Getting up for a ten minute walk around the block is another great perk to working at home. Walking is known as a natural stress-reliever that will instantly take the tension out of muscles. Walking also carries great psychological benefits. Walking gives a small endorphin hit and a sense of perspective that one won’t get sitting all day long. A morning stroll is a good way to set the tone for the day, and a walk in the afternoon is a good way to combat midday sleepiness.

Don’t Forget Food

Those who commute to the office spend a great deal of money on fuel and takeaway. Put this same notion of money spent into a food fund to pay for quality food while working from home. Quality food doesn’t mean sugary food! Be sure to buy things like specialty breads or exotic fruits or top-quality chesses, teas and coffees. Keep the food-fund separate from regular household groceries, because this is part of the work self-care routine.

Food for the Senses

Taste was taken care of in the last tip, but let’s look at the other four senses. Those are all needed in order to nurture the self and to give a boost to mood during the work day.

Give your eyes something beautiful to look at. This could be anything from images on Instagram to photography books to illustrations. Engage the sense of touch by hugging a pet or putting on an especially comfortable blanket or sweater. Enjoying music is a great way to boost concentration and enjoyment, be sure to put on a favorite genre to accomplish this.

To employ the sense of smell, bring in fresh herbs from the garden, or a nice bouquet of flowers from the store, even lightly scented candles can to the trick.

Set Strict Hours and Stick to Them

When working at home it is important to set strict work hours, so as not to be working day and night. If this is hard to stick to, keep track of the hours worked to ensure you do not overwork yourself. Setting healthy boundaries is absolutely necessary for both your psyche and your body. Always make sure the body is getting the rest in needs.

Take Sick Days

Taking days off of work is important to preventing illnesses and mental health issues from getting worse. Taking a mental health day is especially important to keeping stress at bay. This means no working at all—it is strictly a self-care day.

For those who work from home, putting these simple habits into practice can go along way in keeping loneliness and illness at bay, and they really don’t take that much of your time. In fact, you will probably find that you get more accomplished when you take the time to take care of yourself than when you don’t.

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