Image Damage Due to Poor Phone Answering Service

Poor Phone Answering Service

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In most cases, business service providers such as consultants and brokers do not earn their money behind their desk but on the road. They usually transfer the phone to their mobile, but logically do not answer it when they are busy by telephone or in conversation with a relationship. Consequence? The customer receives the voicemail and drops out disappointed.

Poor Phone Answering Service

No hearing or voicemail, no adequate answer to a question or no solution for a problem suggested; it is the biggest frustration of today’s customer who wants to come into contact with a company in any way. In 2017 it was therefore no longer permitted to be unavailable or difficult to reach. Today customer wants to be helped quickly at the time of his or her choice, and through the channel he or she chooses. For example, they expect companies to pick up the phone within 15 seconds. Unfortunately, however, it is still a fact that in one in five cases, customers fail to get the right person on the line.

Social Media

This not only leads to frustration for the customer but also to the necessary adverse financial consequences. Service-providing companies that are difficult to reach by telephone miss out on many thousands of Dollars in revenue due to missed customer contacts. A more severe effect of poor telephone accessibility is nowadays the image damage that companies incur irrevocably. Where a bad reputation of a company was previously limited to negative stories at birthday parties, bad experiences with companies are now widely shared via social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Before you realize it as a company, your reputation is wholly shattered with all the negative consequences that entail.

Customer Service

More than ever, in particular for the service sector, excellent customer service, and preferably through different service channels, is the key to business success and a good reputation. Companies that do not have their customer service in order, therefore, pose a threat to themselves. And no matter how you turn it around; excellent customer service starts with optimum accessibility. In this way, companies beat their direct competitors.

The 24 hours telephone answering service is still the most used service channel, closely followed by email. Also, communication via social media is increasingly being used. The fastest emerging service channel is currently Live Chat. For the younger generations, it is even unthinkable not to be accessible through these channels.

Avoid Long Waiting Times!

For all channels, long waiting times must be avoided at all times. Whether they call, email, chat or communicate via social media; today’s customers expect a quick response. Sixty percent of customers break the telephone connection within one minute and expect an answer to questions they ask by email within one or at most two working days. When communicating via social media, a maximum response time of one working day is generally used. Although Live Chat, the name says it all, is about ‘live’ contact, another area can be improved in that area. Research shows that it takes an average of 44 seconds before it is possible to chat with an employee.

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