Baby in Jumper

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Alice and John from The Best Baby Jumper review site. The photo above is their super cute daughter in her baby jumper.

1. Tell me about yourself.

We are a husband and wife duo from Chicago, Illinois in the U.S.  We are proud parents of three beautiful daughters including a little 6 month old munchkin!  Knowing what we know now; since we already had two older kids; we know how hard it is to decide on what is needed for our little one.  Which toys are we going to purchase for her?  What is appropriate for their development and what will entertain them for hours on end?  Alice is a stay at home mum so she has loads of parenting experience under her belt and so we decided to share some of that knowledge in the format or a niche site!  And so our little site was born!

2. Do you personally own “the best baby jumper” listed on your site? If so, did you buy others to test?

Yes, we do actually own the jumper that we recommend as the best!  You can find our pick under the ‘Editor’s Choice’ menu.  We have given others a go as well.  We don’t always purchase every single jumper but we are fortunate to have friends with babies, so we kinda swap jumpers for a 2 week duration and give other jumper styles a good workout with our bubba!  We also owned different style jumpers with our eldest daughters and those models are still for sale now, although we haven’t written reviews about those jumpers just yet.

3. What prompted you to start a niche website?

Alice is really keen to be a stay at home mum.  But she needs something to keep her motivated and challenged.  A niche site just seemed like a logical solution.  Hopefully the niche site can add a little bit of money to our income once it becomes more established.  And then Alice will have the freedom to work on the site as much as time allows in between parenting three young daughters!

4. Is Amazon the only way you monetize this site? If so, do you plan to add additional revenue sources?

Our main focus at the moment is currently on Amazon affiliate links.  We will, in the future, incorporate some ads into our header and sidebar as well. I doubt we will add too many different affiliates on the page as it gets trickier to try and reach their minimum payout threshold when your avenues are spread out too widely.

5. Do you have any other websites you’d care to share?

At the moment this is our only website!  We are hoping to add some more niche sites to our collection once this one becomes more established!  We also want to build a more general baby blog site as well.

6. Do you have any words of advice for someone who wants to create a niche affiliate site?

My biggest tip would be to do proper keyword research!  You need to find an idea for a review site that has low competition otherwise nobody will ever find you!  We recommend you simply start building your website on a hosted WordPress platform and start writing your review posts.  There are loads of free resources on the web about how to build a niche site.  And then just give it time to grow and age!

Thanks for the interview!

The Best Baby Jumper