Interview With Vicky Wu, Marketing Guru

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This week, we had the pleasure of interviewing marketing guru, Vicky Wu.

1. Tell us about yourself. 

My clients are like my family. In over 30 years spent working the marketing and advertising for businesses big and small, I’ve uncovered some golden themes and tactics that work wonders, no matter the size of the budget. Nothing puts a smile on my face more than enjoying my client’s success as the result of their marketing plan. In my years of experience doing marketing with top level organizations like Nokia, Southwest Airlines, the Dallas Cowboys, CENTURY 21 Judge Fite and a number of nonprofits, I’ve uncovered some tough strategies that are super powerful and can easily be applied to smaller business with minimal time and budget.

2. How did you get started in marketing?

In high school, I began taking journalism classes and became editor of the school newspaper and the school yearbook.  I knew I didn’t want to become a journalist, but it’s when I first became interested in advertising from working on the ones in the newspaper and yearbook.  I knew I wanted to find a career that was a mix of my art skills, advertising, journalism and business.  So in essence I’ve been doing marketing since high school, and professionally since after graduation.  I like to tell my clients I made the mistakes so that they don’t have to!

I didn’t realize that the field of marketing was exactly where I wanted to be until my second full-time job (the first one was in advertising), but once it all clicked together I forged ahead by learning as much as I could from the best in the industry, and continuing my education and earning my degree in business management with a minor in marketing.  Continuing to learn and seek and develop best practices is a big part of my professional life today.

3. Do you charge for the offer webinars that teach your 3 by 3 marketing matrix to take marketing to the next level without spending excess time or money. 

Our 3 by 3 Marketing Matrix training is free.  We have a selection of free trainings on our website, along with some paid options.  Usually our paid options are more in-depth trainings that walk you through each step of a certain process.  But the 3 by 3 Marketing Matrix is such an easy concept that almost everyone can use it after just the one overview, and it’s a great introduction to our company.  I’m a huge fan of simplicity and instead of overcomplicating concepts, just making them easier for everyone to use.  And of course if a business needs more help outlining their strategies for the 3 by 3 Marketing Matrix, we can offer that type of high-level strategy session.

4. What is one of your hacks, tips or tricks that you can share with our readers?

One of the best hacks we’ve been working on with our clients for a while is optimizing their presence on Youtube.  We all know that video is the way to go, and making even simple videos can help your business gain awareness.  However, if you implement just a few easy-to-follow instructions when you upload the video to Youtube, or going back and editing existing videos, you can gain massive exposure.  We walk through the overview of how to do this in our Youtube Guru-ization training, which you can find on our website.  It’s a lot easier than you think; plus I provide a cheat sheet with some of my favorite free or low-cost video equipment and software.

5. Do you have any hobbies offline?

I am a fine artist, which comes in handy with graphic design, and my favorite medium is watercolor pencils although I’ve tried almost every type of art you can imagine.  The hobby I participate in more often is ballroom dancing.  I am an instructor and love teaching couples how to dance together, especially teaching brides and grooms their first dance for their wedding!

Thanks so much, for the interview Vicki! For more information about or to contact Vicki, visit

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