How To Make Your YouTube Videos Appear More Often As “Related Videos”

Make Your YouTube Videos Appear More Often

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In this blog post, you will learn a strategy you probably haven’t used to get more YouTube views.

If you try to sell your product, an affiliate product or you simply try to drive traffic to your website with a YouTube video, you need to get more views and targeted views.

You have multiple ways to increase your YouTube views. We will reveal a fantastic strategy to appear three times more often on YouTube related videos section. (I would like to send this warning, this is not a strategy for youtubers that want to build an authority YouTube channel with a big community of subscribers, you should not focus on SEO title and SEO strategy to show up your videos in related videos section. It is advisable to use keywords that your subscribers will perfectly understand).

What exactly is Youtube “related videos” and how does YouTube display related videos?

Why would someone want to game suggested videos? The reason is that related videos are super important in getting more people to watch your videos.

How To Get More Views On YouTube:

  • Make a great video with interesting content (not a slideshow or an animated whiteboard video). The audience retention is one of the most important factors to rank a video higher.
  • Add Your Custom Thumbnail instead of the default video screenshot
  • Embed your video on your blog and promote it on the homepage
  • Share your YouTube video on your Facebook page
  • Run a YouTube true view ads
  • Run a Facebook ads campaign
  • Run an Outbrain or taboola ad campaign
  • Use keywords with low competition in your title
  • Write an SEO friendly description and select perfect tags that will cover all words related to your niche

You can use all of them. Of course, paid marketing is expensive, and it is hard to get an ROI.

On average, here are the main sources of traffic for a YouTube video (Those metrics do not apply to youtubers’ channels)

  • 15% of viewers arrive at your YouTube videos because of search result
  • 10% of viewers arrive at your YouTube videos because of playlist
  • 15% of viewers arrive at your YouTube videos because of social networks
  • 5% of viewers arrive at your YouTube videos because of embed videos
  • 50% of viewers arrive at your YouTube videos because of YouTube Related Videos
  • 5% of viewers arrive at your YouTube videos because of other sources

In our blog post, you will discover the strategy we implement to increase our video views from “related videos” by 300%. (We will not focus on other traffic sources).

When you type “how to repair a bike” on YouTube search engine, multiple videos shows up.

Let’s click on a random result “How to Rebuild and repair wheel bearing on a bicycle.

On the right end column of the main viewed video, we have 20 “suggested videos.”

Make Your YouTube Videos Appear More Often

Suggested Videos

Refers to the overall list on the right side of the video player on the watch page which is populated with suggestions for what to watch next. There are usually 19-20 of these videos shown in the right-hand column. Click here for more details.

Related Videos

Related Videos are a subset of Suggested Videos within that right-hand column. They are the same for everyone viewing that video, and they come up in the same order. Related videos at this time will often account for 16 of the 19-20 Suggested Videos. YouTube partners always get the top four related videos pointing to other videos on their channel.

Recommended Videos

Recommended Videos are customized by YouTube to your viewing tastes and interspersed within the overall Suggested Videos List. They say “Recommended for you” underneath them, and you will usually see videos that are related to recent searches you have done.

It is possible to get a maximum of 16 out of 19 videos to be in related videos pointing back to your channel, and if the viewer is not logged in, then you can get 18 of 19 videos. Check out what percentage of your traffic over the past 30 days has been from Suggested Videos by going to YouTube Analytics.

“So, you can only influence your placement on YouTube related videos, not on recommended videos.”

The more relevant tags you use, the more often your video will pop up.

…However, the important question is: Are we talking about “relevant” for your “video content” or your topic?

The right answer is “relevant for your topic.”

Let’s see what videos are showing up on the suggested videos:

Make Your YouTube Videos Appear More Often

Make Your YouTube Videos Appear More Often

What are the common points between the main viewed video and the related videos?

Make Your YouTube Videos Appear More Often

On the “Related videos,” YouTube ranks videos that are not dealing with the same issue mentioned in the main viewed video.

It shows up videos covering the same topic BUT dealing with other issues. They are part of the main “sub sub category” of YouTube, but they are not answering the same question.

“What we discovered: Most of the time there is a single common word which appears on the main viewed video and related videos at a time.”

Those related videos below generally have only one common word in their title with the viewed video. However, YouTube uses Meta tags to match a video to the main viewed video.

Let’s have a look at the meta tags:

Overhauling Cup & Cone Bicycle Hubs
<meta name=”keywords” content=”bicycle, bike, repair, overhaul, hubs, cone, bearings, grease”>

Make Your YouTube Videos Appear More Often

How to properly install hub bearings
<Meta name=”keywords” content=”Hub, Hub installation. Installation, bike, bicycle, cycling, bike hub, how to, replace bearings, bike bearings, bike installation”>

Make Your YouTube Videos Appear More Often

Wheel Truing
<Meta name=”keywords” content=”bike repair, do it yourself, wheel repair, true”>

Make Your YouTube Videos Appear More Often

I put in green color the word that is in common with the main viewed video and the related video.

I put in red color the tag that helps YouTube to consider the video to appear in the related videos section.

So, the only way to match the main viewed video with the related video is Meta tags. This is proved: tags are still useful for appearing on “related videos.” I can hear people say that YouTube tags are useless now. They are wrong.

They are useful for appearing on related videos section.

(On the other hand, tags are not so much useful for appearing on YouTube search results because there are too many competing videos matching the same query. It was useful five years ago but now 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute)

So, let’s go back to our strategy…

Our objective is to cover a very large range of keywords that perfectly match the video title (or niche) BUT with no repetition.

Repeating the same Word several time in the Meta tag is a waste of time, and it reduces the efficiency of our strategy.

I often see videos with tags like those below.

cookie bars
bar cookie recipes
chocolate chip bars
homemade chocolate bar recipe
bar recipes
caramel chocolate bar

You only have 500 characters available on tags section. So, avoid duplicate words.

How to Know What Tags Are Suitable?

You need to know the most frequently used words on the top 30 websites on Google. Google ranks URLs that perfectly fit the search query. So, stop typing random tags or tags that you “think” are suitable. Don’t rely on your intuition anymore.

We built a tool for our purpose because it was time-consuming to open the top 30 websites related to our topic manually. It scans dozens of websites relating to your video topic LIVE. Its smart algorithm harvests the top 80 proven Keywords tags for your Description and Tags.

With this strategy, we managed to display our videos three times more often on related videos. That means we have got more views, more affiliate sales or clicks to our website.

As we had more than 300 videos, we needed a way to automate this task.

We developed that tool in 2013. We launched it in 2015, and now you can get your access for free!

Let’s have a look at some proof:

We uploaded a video about “pregnancy” and “breastfeeding.”

We put tags below that were showing up on our tool.

breastfeeding, pregnancy, nutrition, calories, moms, nursing, snacks, pre-pregnancy, mom, breastfeed, postpartum, parenting, toddler, baby, dieting, choices, intake, nutritional, nutrients, overweight, dietary, calorie, snack, fatty, protein, guidelines, fats, newborn, lactation, ovulation, vitamins, basics, recipes, childbirth, increases, workout, calculator, maternity, lifestyle, calcium, tracker, trimester, allergies, recipe, solutions, shopping, metabolism, obesity, boost, dairy, routine, veggies, relationships, multiples, diabetes, birthdays, chips, diets, fertility, vitamin, allergy, vaccines, wellness, Dr, amounts, picks, strategies, omega-, prenatal, childcare, women, dietitian, advertise, post-baby, toddlers, stroller, low-fat, preschoolers, photos, professionals, gym, kids, skip, maternal, coping, nutrient, breastmilk, English, reviews, Abc lc, pasta, diaper, breastfed, provider, strollers

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