Does Working From Home Increase Risk? Protecting Your Home Office

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Gun Barrel Proof House, Banbury Street, Digbeth - These Premises are Burglar Alarmed

When your home is your office and vice versa, storing important data and documents on site is often obligatory. Unfortunately, rival entrepreneurs and others who wish your business harm have a keen eye for valuable-laden home offices, increasing the chances of your home being broken into. Don’t invite criminals into your home. If you are starting your own home business, you will need to outfit your new office with security features befitting a legitimate money-making concern. Follow these simple tips to reduce the likelihood of a security lapse that could jeopardize everything you have worked so hard to build.

1. Comprehensive Electronic Security

Now that broadband technology has turned the corner and your business enjoys affordable access to cloud-based information storage, it’s more important than ever to protect your computer from online threats. Sign up for a free trial if you wish, but be sure actually to purchase the antivirus software once it runs out. Purchasing a higher-end comprehensive malware-prevention package is preferable: these products cost more up front, but they usually come with frequent complimentary updates.

2. Invest In Home Security

Dollar for dollar, there is no better way to protect your home business than a home security system. To maximize your protection, choose a dual system that simultaneously sounds an on-premises alarm and alerts your local police department when it is tripped. Good home security systems have several useful features:

Door and window contacts: An important fail-safe, these magnetic seals trip an alarm when broken by an intruder who’s been able to get past the locks on your windows and doors.
Motion sensors: These devices sense heat and motion, two telltale signs of an intruder in your home office.

“Smart” keypads: Many premium home security systems now come with a “duress” feature that alerts your security company if you enter a pre-determined code indicating that you have been forced to open your door for an intruder.

3. Keep It Safe

Visit the security section of your local big-box or home-improvement store and you’ll be broadsided by a bewildering array of devices and containers designed to safeguard your valuables. Simple key-operated lock boxes start at $20 or less, while reinforced fire-safe steel containers with multiple compartments may cost $100 or more. Your incorporation papers, ownership documents, important bank account information and other unique documents should not leave one of these portable protective environments unless they need to be examined or duplicated.

4. The Beauty of Passive Protection

Even if a burglar or saboteur is able to gain access to your house and make off with valuables or important documents, he hasn’t beaten you until he uses what he has obtained against you or your business. Eliminate easy hiding places on your property by trimming the trees and shrubbery in front of your house and keeping your yard free of large obstructions. Even if you install motion-sensing floodlights around the sides of your house, be sure to keep separate porch or front-stoop lights shining whenever it’s dark.

Every day that your home business operates without a break-in or security breach is another day of sweet profit and quality family time. Whether it is a home security system, fire-safe lock box, or passive environmental security measures, your family will thank you for the next investment you make in the security of your home business.

Janet Larsen works from home, where she writes about how to keep your home and assets safe. If you want to invest in a home security system to protect your home business, visit

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