Should You Really Sell Everything You Own And Become A Digital Nomad?

Should You Really Sell Everything You Own And Become A Digital Nomad?

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Becoming a digital nomad is an amazing work opportunity and truly is a unique lifestyle. With nothing more than a laptop and a stable internet connection, we are no longer bound to the same geographical location of our office. However, achieving this level of freedom comes with a cost, with such a life in mind we have to consider the sheer amount of things we’d be leaving behind. This does not just include material possessions but also the people in our lives. Needless to say, the lifestyle has its ups and downs and taking it on will require a certain level of commitment.

The Decision

First and foremost, we have to consider the troubling sides of the lifestyle to avoid overlooking them later on. We need to be aware that opting for this lifestyle requires a great deal of commitment as we’re essentially faced with the hard decision of what to do with our home. This decision should not be taken lightly and can be insanely difficult if we’re just starting out as we have no guarantees that we’ll adjust to the lifestyle and won’t want to come back at some point in time.

Rent It Out

If unsure whether this is for you, make a plan and consider renting your home out and taking off. This will still leave you with somewhere to stay should things go sour while still giving you a bit of income on the side. Keep in mind that this is by no means a permanent solution as upkeep costs tend to become tedious when you’re no longer using something. However, if still unsure whether everything will work out, it could serve as a temporary safety net to feel things out before we go all out and pawn everything off before heading out.

Sell It

The other, more extreme, option is to sell everything and just hit the road. The whole feeling of cutting one’s ties is exhilarating to say the least and gives off a feeling of freedom we rarely get to experience. However, this does mean that we’re fully committed to this, there is no turning back, at least not any time soon. With all the cash we get from pawning off all our possessions we’re essentially free to travel wherever we like and stay for as long as we like. The only real problems we’ll ever face will be if the hotel’s Wi-Fi is slow or our flight is delayed – oh, the horror. However, if while traveling you are also running a business and using the property money to fund it until it develops, take advice from DW Advisory and prepare a solid budget plan to keep track of your finances.

It is important to keep in mind the season in which we sell our house in order to get the best deal we possibly can. Likewise, if we do plan on returning to the regular nine to five life, we need to bide our time and find something we really like at an affordable price. The beauty of the lifestyle is the lack of any real obligations, so waiting for the perfect opportunity to sell what we have is a luxury we can afford. Whenever we’re through, we just have to pick a solid destination and buzz off without any real care in the world.

The Best Spots

Now, when looking up where to go, there are a few prime spots for like-minded individuals. Before deciding on where you’d like to go, it all comes down to packing. This might end up being a bit more than we thought so rent boxes for moving and relocation and head to some of the best cities for digital nomads like Prague, Berlin, Beijing and many more. Look for these prime locations as they will absolutely sell you on the lifestyle completely. From quality internet to amazing offers in terms of food, entertainment and culture, all available around the clock to satiate your palate.


The nomad lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but when it does take a hold of you – it’s extremely hard to get away. The benefits simply do outweigh any cons we might face along the way and if smart, we always have a nest egg stashed away in case we need to bail. When faced with the opportunity, it is probably wiser to first rent out our homes for a set amount of time just to be sure everything works out. Once everything’s taken off the ground, we can return and sell the whole thing, only taking the essentially with us as we go out and see the world like very few people before us.

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