Safe Startups: 4 Types of Businesses Entrepreneurs Should Consider Starting

Starting a business can be both a risky and rewarding endeavor. Some businesses come with greater job security and less chances of failure. These four business startups are considered to be the safest for aspiring entrepreneurs:

Career Counseling

Career counselors help clients find jobs in certain fields by assessing their skill sets and recommending the most suitable positions. Aptitude tests can be given to clients as a way to gauge their personal strengths and match them with the best jobs. There are always people who need jobs, which makes the career counseling field one of the securest business startups. It’s usually best to have a master’s degree to work as a career counselor, but having a bachelor’s degree or just a high school diploma can sometimes be enough. Obtaining additional licensing and certification may also be required.

Pest Control

People often require pest control services to rid their homes and businesses of troublesome critters. Pest control experts must know the best ways to eliminate bugs, rodents and other pests without harming people or pets. According to The Balance, pest control specialists also educate clients on how to keep pest problems from recurring. Starting a pest control business that uses environmentally friendly methods is a great way to build a solid customer base. Having a reliable commercial vehicle is also important in this line of work.

Senior Care

Senior care is essential for much of the aging population. Opening a senior center or providing in-home care services are just two options for aspiring entrepreneurs. Senior care specialists often provide transportation, house cleaning and meal preparation services for the elderly. AllBusiness.com states that senior care providers are also sometimes hired to assist with medical claims. Completing a certification program and obtaining insurance are usually required to work in this field.

Fitness Training

Even with all the fancy workout gadgets and instructional videos, many people still prefer one-on-one personal training in a gym setting with a trainer. Personal trainers are hired to teach clients proper workout techniques and provide nutrition advice. In addition to exercising in a gym, some personal trainers take clients out on runs or provide boot camp-style workouts in local parks. Personal trainers need to complete certification courses in order to be successful in this field. Coming up with creative and innovative ways for clients to get fit can also be an asset.

Some of the safest business models are surprisingly easy to start. These businesses provide rewarding opportunities in fields that are considered less financially risky and have greater long-term success.