Lead Generation Business Funnel Concept

For your website to be successful in today’s competitive world, it has to generate the right kinds of leads at all times. Fortunately for website owners and managers like you, it is not really difficult to create the most productive landing pages that are responsible for creating leads on a regular and consistent basis. Neither is the task of creating such high lead generating portals too time-consuming or cumbersome if you have the right professionals to protect your back.

All that you need to do to set your website on the right path is take a close look at the websites that are noted for their lead generation capacity and try to include their helpful features and functionality into your own site. More so, you need to know what works and what does not in context to producing the right leads through the content and other media files uploaded on your website.

Given below are some essential and effective lead generation boosters that promise to go miles in increasing the conversion rate on your portal. They will also work towards enhancing the authority and trust factors for your website.

  1. Always add a Contact Number

Though the idea of adding the contact number on a landing page may seem to be counterintuitive to a layman’s eye, it is an essential inclusion that cannot be done away with at any point. The addition of a contact number that can be reached at all times, and without any hassles, enhances customer trust manifold. More so, it lends immense credibility to the quality of the products and services on offer through your web or local presence. Even you do not get calls from your customers, just having your business number at their disposal would give a lot of solace. Having said this, it is a fact that most successful lead generation websites are known to incorporate phone numbers and all other contact related information at prominent places on all landing pages.

  1. Post Forms, Preferably on all Pages

Do you desire more viable leads through your digital marketing efforts? Obviously, the answer will be in the affirmative. You may want to include actual lead generation forms on all landing pages to further the cause of generating the best leads. It is well-advised that the forms included by you ask for the least possible information, particularly in the first step itself. The act will encourage your visitors to part with important personal details without getting too apprehensive, tired or bored.

  1. Add Testimonials and Real Photos to Gain Credibility

These days, it is common to find rich media files in the form of audio and video clips on websites having coveted lead generation strategies to their merit. Testimonials, pictures and other media files are very helpful and powerful marketing tools that are taking the marketing efforts of websites to an altogether new level. In case the rich media versions serve to make the lead generation website very bandwidth-heavy, marketers may opt for solid testimonials to create equally powerful impacts and provide support to the services and products on offer.

  1. Have Videos Convey your Say to Users

As per experts in the field of online lead generations and digital marketing services, videos go a long way in bridging the gap between offline and online commerce. Additionally, they are quite instrumental in enhancing the overall conversion rate for a wide range of industries, specifically the e-commerce portals with a long list of catalogued products to their credit. The highest-performing video and other media files are the ones that speak out loud and clear to the prospective leads, thereby convincing them to sign up at the earliest and without having any hesitation in their minds. Such leads are likely to convert as videos are generally more convincing than mere words or pictures. This is the very reason why video watchers are more likely to convert than those who have been reading your ads. In a nutshell, videos give out a lot more information than any other type of digital file and are to be included in websites for meeting the cause of better lead generation strategies.

  1. Usage of Trust Seals

Be it trusted seal providers or those who have been using them for increasing the credibility of their websites, the inclusion of trust seals is instrumental in increasing the lead generation rate, and how! The incorporation of trust seals serves to increase the overall conversion rate; it is not for visual security benefits only. In case you have a trust seal already in place and would now like to incorporate it into your website, back the same with customer guarantee to add to its credibility further. Customers are more likely to purchase and interact with websites that have trust seals rather than those that fail to do so – go about the act accordingly and reap rich benefits.

  1. Use Power Words to Compel Active Lead Generation

Powerful action verbs of the kinds of “get”, “have” and “feel” prove to be very strong compellers as they possess an active tone. So, instead of using words like “imagine having” or “imagine feeling” go for the more action oriented words while describing your offers. The idea is to keep your existing and prospective users in the pivotal position where they understand that they will be the recipients of the benefits delivered by you, as opposed to imagining the features and functionalities of the products that you may have for them on offer. This said, select the most powerful words that you can think of and see your website create the maximum impact.

Testing serves to be the only means of knowing whether your lead generation strategies would work wonders for your business or not. Get in touch with the expert lead generating professionals at rouge-media.com to leverage the benefits of their best strategies and industry practices.  Once you hire their experiences and skill sets for your business you can be assured of working less and converting more leads than you can ever imagine!