3 Signs That Your Website Needs a Makeover

Signs That Your Website Needs a Makeover

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Many online business owners have a bad habit of letting their site go stale before they decide to make changes. They think that they’re making savings by doing this, but they might be losing thousands in sales because their site isn’t converting or because it has fallen out of favour with search engines.

Search engines take user experience very seriously, and they do not like outdated sites, so don’t expect to get great results if you haven’t upgraded your website in many years. It can be difficult to tell when your website needs a change, however. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that your site needs a makeover.

1. Your Bounce Rate is High

The first thing you have to do is to set up Google Analytics on your website if you haven’t already. Then, you will need to look at your bounce rates. If the bounce rate is over 70% on most of your pages, this is a very bad sign and one which indicates that you might want to consider overhauling your website.

The bounce rate is the percentage of people who get to one page and leave right after without looking at other pages. This might be a sign that they didn’t find what they were looking for, didn’t like your site, or that it took too long to load. These are all things a new design could fix.

2. You Built the First One Yourself

If you built your own website, then there’s a chance that you missed a few things here and there. Some of your semantics might be wrong, or your navigation might be sub-optimal. These are all things that will affect the user experience and how well you perform in search engines. If you were able to make a little bit of money with that website, it would be wise to reinvest it into a real website.

If you’re looking for a team that can take your web design to the next level, visit this web design agency. Webheads is a top web design agency that has been in operation for close to 26 years and has worked with both small businesses and multinational corporations. They will be able to sit down with you, look at what you’re doing wrong with your website, and come up with a professional site that will truly represent your brand and vision.

3. Your Site Looks Awful on Mobile

If you’ve noticed that your site looks different depending on the mobile device that you use, this is a very bad sign. Some sites can become almost unnavigable on mobile supports and this can affect your results in many ways. First of all, mobile searches now make the majority of searches online, and this means that your site might be unusable to the majority of visitors.

Not only that, but Google has moved to its mobile-first index lately which uses the mobile version of your website as the default for rankings. This means that you could have the best-looking website in the world and do everything right on-page and off-page and still get no results because of your poor mobile website. This is why you will need to correct this immediately and consider speaking with an expert.

If you spot any of these signs with your website, it needs to be upgraded right away. See it as an investment in your brand that you’ll be able to recuperate on the back end.

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