Linked In

LinkedIn is a powerful tool and effective platform to get yourself noticed by recruiters and professionals. Unfortunately, with a vast number of users doing the same, you need to make extra efforts to stand out and be discovered. One needs to use SEO, to be discovered via LinkedIn’s search algorithm.

While the first necessary step is to have a complete and updated profile, the next step is to use the right keywords to highlight your skills and be easily searchable. You need to be connected to the right networks because the simple fact remains that nobody searches wider than up to 3 networks. It is your responsibility to be connected to the right networks to maximize your search results.

LinkedIn profiles are optimized for Google’s search algorithm too, so anyone searching for you on Google is bound to stumble upon your profile too.

How to unleash the power of SEO to optimize your LinkedIN?

  1. First Impression

Make a strong and impactful impression with a high quality and professional photo, along with a good 120 characters’ description about your capabilities and unique skill sets.

  1. Elaborate and Get Contacted

Use the right words to describe yourself in the summary section and make sure you give out all the necessary contact details. Mention your professional skills well and elaborately.

  1. Keep updated

Don’t let your LinkedIn profile be inactive. Regularly update your profile by adding and sharing new content. You can use tools like Hootsuite to connect other social networking platforms where you commonly share more ideas and thoughts.

  1. Get Connected

Every LinkedIn user can connect with 50 groups. Take your time and choose the relevant groups that suit your professional needs. These groups help in your better search results.

  1. Blog it!

One cannot underestimate the power of blogs. Blogging directly on LinkedIn Pulse will improve your local SEO results and everyone in your group and network will get direct notifications for your blog.

  1. Add variety

It’s the digital age so it’s no surprise that the more digital tools you use and add to your profile, the better the results. You can use a variety of documents, videos or presentations too.

  1. Networking

It’s all about networking and getting connected with the right people. Use networking apps and other ways of networking to get in touch with influential people and connect with them to add and better your search results. Don’t just connect and forget about it but make an effort to get in direct touch… go out for a social meet up!

  1. LinkedIn vanity URL

Add your complete and full name to your profile URL and link them to other social media platforms as well. But first, complete your profile.

  1. Recommendations

Get recommendations from relevant contacts- professors, supervisors and anyone else whose say matters. You need a minimum of 10 recommendations for every position to maximize your visibility.

  1. Steer clear from Overstuffing Keywords

Use a liberal and appropriate number of relevant keywords. These keywords must be relevant to your skills and profession. Try thinking from a recruiter’s perspective and the things they would search for when looking for a desirable candidate.

These are 10 things you need to do right away if you are looking to make an impact and get noticed! The key is to have a complete and updated profile and ensure the use of adequate and relevant content.

SEO, paid search, social media and email marketing are different elements of online marketing. There are a number of online marketing experts who give out valuable information, tips and suggestions to help you better your chances online. It’s a good idea to follow some of these experts to be updated and be able to cater to the current and changing needs. It’s a good idea to get connected with some of them!