Virtually Free: 5 Innovative Ways To Remotely Manage And Communicate With Your Virtual Team

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Experts have found that remote teams are more productive and save companies thousands of money. Numbers don’t lie. Today, we’re seeing more companies choosing the virtual team way to boost their overhead and effectiveness.

remotely manage

Are you considering hiring a remote team? Choosing to hire a virtual team is the first step to take your company to the next level. But, it will all come down to developing the right plan to remotely manage your team.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. Here are 5 ways to turn your virtual team into your dream team.

1. Build Synergy in Your Team Communications

While emailing may be the preferred communication method by many team members, as a remote team manager, you should aim to balance your team’s communication methods. Consider using free conference call services, chat services, or even video conference services.

Diversifying the communication methods used by your virtual team can help you build synergy among your team members. Great communication will boost your team productivity and prevent any details falling through the cracks.

2. Create a Flexible Work Environment

Employees who prefer to work from home are looking for flexibility to improve or maintain their lifestyle. If it’s your first time managing a virtual team, it may be challenging to keep up with your employees’ schedules.

While you might be tempted to try to set a schedule, you should create a flexible work environment. Assign deadlines instead of set schedules to give your employees the flexible lifestyle they are looking for.

3. Develop Your Own Productivity Tracking System

Whether you manage a remote writing or customer service team, you must develop a system to track your team’s productivity. Consider creating a system where you measure values assessed in your employee’s yearly assessments. Monitoring these metrics will help you and your employees know where there’s room for improvement.

4. Schedule In-Person Team Meetings

While you may think remote teams aren’t designed to meet in-person. Scheduling yearly in-person team meetings can turn your employees into a family.

Consider planning retreats every year where your employees can bond with team-building and networking exercises. In the long run, you’ll see how in-person bonding time can boost your team’s productivity.

5. Encourage Collaboration Toward a Shared Goal

You hire a virtual team to meet your company or project needs. Either way, all your employees are part of a shared goal or objective. But, do they know it?

As a remote team manager, it’s important to tell your employees how they’re a building block of your company or project. Encourage them to share their views and collaborate toward making your company mission or goal come true. Getting your employees involved will do wonders for your team’s productivity and company profits.

Can You Remotely Manage a Successful Virtual Team?

You can remotely manage a successful virtual team. It will all come down to the strategies and methods used to manage your team members.

Consider implementing an A to Z approach to cover all your bases from communication methods to team collaborations. As a manager, you should always aim to find a balance between your project or company goals and your employees’ wellbeing.

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