The average consumer who works or lives in the city will see or hear about 5000 marketing messages a day. With so much noise, it can be very difficult for small and mid-sized businesses to compete with large corporations who have unlimited budgets when it comes to advertising and marketing. If you want to compete in the industry, you need to get creative with the marketing methods that you use. Here are 5 creative methods to consider to land your first client or simply to generate more clientele:

1. Increase the Visibility in Your Community With Marketing Banners

Customers are not likely to give your company a chance if they do not know you exist.
One of your primary focuses when you are opening a business should be to increase brand recognition and overall local visibility. Have custom vinyl banners designed with your logo, contact information, and your message. If these are hung in high traffic areas where they will be seen, you can keep marketing costs low and build your book-of-business.

2. Build Your Online Presence with Signature Lines

If you are not a part of the online community, it is time to develop your presence. Chances are you have a business website. Let people know about your website without spamming them or sending bulk emails. When you are sending messages or posting valuable content to a discussion forum, include your business name, your title, and a link to your website. This is a great way to drive traffic to your site without forcing your prospects to have a negative view of your brand.

3. Blogs Make a Difference

Time is money. But if you spend a small amount of time each day to write blog posts, it can also make you money. Take time to launch a blog on your website and come up with informative posts that you can write daily. This will establish you as an honest and trustworthy expert in the industry.

4. Networking Benefits Everyone Involved

Why not join a local business networking group for referrals? When you are involved in a networking group, you meet with businesses in a variety of different industries. Each of the members will refer business to other members when they have customers who have a genuine interest. Not only can you generate customers, you can keep existing customers happy by giving them referrals to professionals.

5. Social Networking

You can use Facebook and Twitter for a variety of different marketing strategies. From surveying customers to keeping them engaged, these social platforms are a great way to earn new business. Create a profile, take pictures, and show that your business has its own personality.

Find a way to get creative with your marketing strategy if you do not have a large marketing budget. With a little creativity, one customer can multiply and you can get your business off the ground.