Mobile devices have changed the way everyone communicates. There has never been a time when a person could carry so much powerful technology right in the palm of their hand. Mobile devices are only going to get more powerful. What started out as a simple phone is now a multimedia powerhouse. These mobile devices have the ability to connect with people, connect with networks, share data, and actually become more productive in a working environment. Trying to manage how all of these devices access a company network is becoming a huge challenge.

Are mobile devices a risk?

Mobile devices that are not managed properly are a huge risk to any company regardless of the size. A cyber criminal will do whatever they can to get important company information. This information can be exploited in several ways. A simple app can allow a cyber criminal to completely take over an employee’s phone. They will be able to use the phone as if it were their own. They can even access the phone’s microphone and record conversations that are happening in the room where the phone is present. Mobile devices in the workplace open up a new world of risk that many companies never even thought was possible. Mobile devices are a risk if they are not managed and monitored properly.

Is there a mobile device management solution?

There are several ways that a company can ensure that their network and mobile devices that are on it are not compromised. The first step that needs to be done is creating a mobile device acceptable use policy. This policy should not only dictate what mobile devices are allowed to be used during work hours, but it should also dictate what these devices have access to.

In order to create a successful mobile device management solution, a company must first analyze the data that is accessible through the company network. Prioritizing this data by sensitivity will make it easier to decide which areas mobile devices have access to.

How can companies monitor and manage all of the devices at once?

This is the big challenge that every company faces when they allow their employees to start bringing their own devices into the workplace for work purposes. There are laptops, smartphones, and tablet computers that all have different operating systems, or different versions of the same operating system. This is where the real challenge comes into play.

When a mobile device policy is created, the IT department needs to stand up and say which devices will be allowed to access the company network, and which devices will not. This will not only make the IT department’s job much easier, but it will also help guarantee the security of the company network.

Once a list of devices that are allowed to access the network has been created, it is time to find a software solution that will allow all these devices to be easily managed and monitored. Some businesses have chosen a Trend Micro Mobile Device Management solution. An all in one mobile device management solution that is easy to operate, configure, and deploy is the best solution for companies both large and small.