Social Media Marketing: An Unavoidable Online Perk

Some entrepreneurs consider social media marketing a strong opportunity that is here to stay for a while, some refer to it as an extremely powerful fad that must be taken advantage of now, while others consider it a completely irrelevant buzzword. Regardless of what it really is, it is safe to say that social media marketing plays a huge role in the world of business at the moment, for a number of reasons.

Brand awareness

First of all, social media exposure does an obviously beneficial thing of spreading the awareness of your brand. In fact, it does so completely free of charge, which means having a social media presentation is a no-brainer.
Keep in mind that having your name googled isn’t the only way to generate leads. On the contrary, users tend to stumble upon companies mainly without actually looking for them. You should make yourself present on all social media websites. For example, if you’re already on Twitter, you should be on Facebook, too. Why? Quite simply, because different users prefer different social media options.

User visibility

Modern small businesses cannot afford to appear faceless to the crowd they’re pitching their product/service to; and yet, the businesses that avoid appearing on social media are doing just that. We live in a world where everybody and their grandmother are on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This has created a huge virtual community where people are often exposed to stuff they don’t necessarily follow, yet might find quite appealing.

On the other hand, using social media to the full extent opens a huge window of opportunities.

User interaction

Seeing as how social media users can (hash)tag your business, share and comment on your posts, establishing your social media presence is absolutely invaluable; clearly, the more active your posts are (i.e. commented on, shared, tagged, liked) the more the word about your business will spread, which means, you guessed it: free marketing!

Social media user interaction comes with one additional benefit: a ton of feedback; if you take your time and read comments on everything you’ve posted, you’ll get to reap a ton of what is essentially advice. Sure, some comments will be useless and subjective, but taking your time to address all of them and enquire even further will help you filter out the useful from the useless, while simultaneously helping you interact with your prospects.

Boosted collaboration

Social media websites are integrated with Google, which helps bring the content that you’re interested in to your screen. This means that Google basically learns what you want and helps you in your networking efforts! The modern businesspersons might not be aware of it, but many collaborative ventures were made possible through the use of social media websites. This is especially true for businesses that are world-apart – social media has made every business potentially local.

What does this have to do with marketing? Well, nothing vouches for you as well as another company!

Making your social media marketing more efficient

You may think you know exactly what you’re doing and what your users want to see/hear/read, but you might be wrong. For one, your typical user won’t respond well to spamming; they won’t say “Oh, alright already, I’ll look at your content!”. They will simply unfollow your page and so will many others. In truth, maintenance might seem less trouble than it really is here, especially if you think 15 minutes a day is more than enough. A trustworthy social media management service can go a long way in taking care of your company’s needs. These experts take care of community management, content creation, amplification and even result tracking – they offer incredibly useful qualitative and quantitative insight.

Lower costs

No one needs to pay for social media marketing. Essentially, it is all completely free. Of course, you can cash out for paid marketing services and increase your brand mentions through sponsored posts, which really is an awesome option.

Social media marketing is currently unavoidable, even if it all turns out to be a complete fad. We are all on social media; we’ve learned how to connect through it – we don’t even share phone numbers anymore. This has given us a unique set of business marketing opportunities, making using these websites pretty much unavoidable, regardless of whether you’re a large business, or a one-man operation looking to flourish.