The worlds biggest marketplace Amazon has made virtual tech workers one of its top hiring priorities.

Like it or not, Amazon’s business practices point to the future of our economy.

If you aren’t earning a little of your income from home, you could be seriously missing out.

Got tech skills that you're not using? You should use them to find yourself lucrative side jobs in tech. Here are 8 tech jobs you could work from home.

Do you have design or coding skills that you aren’t using in your day job?

You could be banking big bucks with a tech side hustle.

Even if you don’t yet have skills to start a career in tech, you could be weeks or months away from earning money in the exponentially growing field of tech jobs.

Don’t get left behind.

If you are looking for extra cash, there are plenty of tech side gigs that pay well!

Here are 6 Lucrative Side Jobs in Tech you can work from home.

Web Developer/Designer

Compared to the old days of HTML website design, creating a homepage with today’s technology can be as easy as drag and drop.

If you’ve ever designed a website, why not get paid to do it for someone else?

With the average price of developing a website ranging between $500 and $5000, even those with basic design skills can make great money.

Platforms like Wix or Squarespace allow anyone to create a beautiful website.

But most small business owners or creative freelancers do not have the time to do it for themselves.

So, make this your side hustle from home.

If you are well-versed in HTML and Javascript coding or are familiar with WordPress, you can charge even higher rates in exchange for more a more customized online presence.

App Developer

You don’t have to become the next Instagram to make money in App Development.

The US market for smartphone developers in 2017 was over $12 billion and grew by leaps and bounds every year!

But maybe learning to create a smartphone app sounds intimidating.

You might be surprised to find out that children from the ages of 7 to 8 regularly develop apps and games after school and at a summer camp for fun!!!

Feeling better now?

How about the fact that app developers make over $150 an hour.

And with a bit of coding knowledge and an app building tool kit, totally customizable apps can be created for clients in all types of businesses.

Or perhaps you have an excellent idea for a new app but don’t have the $200k it costs on average to have someone build it?

Code that app yourself and turn a side hustle into your retirement account.

Social Media Manager

Do you currently spend too much of your free time scrolling through Instagram and Twitter?

You won’t feel guilty indulging if you are making a little money.

Managing a social media account for a small business or brand can be a fun and creative online side job.

Imagine creating a campaign with incredible images and sharing the story of a brand or company you trust.

If you have an eye for good visuals, a knack for story-telling and some experience analyzing backend email and social media data, this could be a perfect side gig for you.

Website Tester

The fantastic thing about a tech side hustle from home is that some only require 20 minutes of your time.

While your waiting for the washer cycle to finish, you could get paid to test a website.

Are you waiting for your little one to finish a nap?

Get paid to test a website.

While the pay isn’t on the higher side of tech jobs, the barrier of entry is also very low.

You need a computer, a set of headphones and a webcam.

You are probably thinking to yourself, “check, check and check.”

You don’t even need high-end tech skills to become a website tester.

It’s that easy to make money clicking around and reporting your results.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Do you love telling your friends about the great new products you discover?

Why not share your insights with the world, and create a great side hustle from home.

An affiliate marketer spreads the word about products and earns a commission when their links lead to sales.

There are plenty of ways to market products online, but blogging is an especially popular way to earn sales.

Whether you mention a wide variety of your favorite gadgets or compare many brands that make the same vacuum, for example, both can help bring money into your bank account.

If you have more questions about becoming an Affiliate Marketer, this company is a great resource.

Feeling like an Old Dog?

While anyone can learn many of the skills needed for these jobs, perhaps you are looking for a quicker solution to extra income.

Or maybe you don’t want to learn any new tricks.

That’s ok.

Technology companies are also working hard to employ boots on the ground so the services they offer can exist in the real world.

Here are 3 Tech-based side hustles that bring tech solutions into the real world

  1. In most markets, you can rent our an extra room or entire home on Airbnb.  Homesharing can bring in serious pocket change while introducing you to people from the whole world over.
  2. If you have a bike, UberEats connects freelancers to pick up and deliver food for their customers.  Use your lunch hour to get some quick exercise and extra cash at your convenience.
  3. Have you put enough Ikea furniture together that you could do it in your sleep? You can work for Ikea’s recent acquisition TaskRabbit and start filling your wallet and helping out your less handy neighbors at the same time.

Start Your Lucrative Side Jobs Today

Your full-time job might be at a huge corporation, small business or taking care of your family.

But as you have read in these lucrative side jobs, if you have just 20 spare minutes, you can earn extra income.

Whether you are paying down debt or trying to save up for that next vacation, a side hustle from home is a great solution.

For more information or to discover more about tech jobs you can do at home reach out with your questions.

Start turning your downtime into overtime.