Tracking Matters: Top Tools For Monitoring Social Media Metrics

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Tracking matters Top tools for monitoring social media metrics

Even if you’ve got thousands of followers who are constantly liking, retweeting and sharing your content, your job isn’t over. In fact, what you should be after are conversions. You need to educate, engage and inspire your audience to follow your calls-to-action. To get conversions, you need to know what works and what doesn’t work for your audience – and that’s something you can only get by tracking the right social media metrics. Here are 7 tools to help you get critical information about your audience and optimize your social media strategy to bring you more conversions.

  1. Klout

You can connect all your social platforms with this tool, an obvious benefit for both tracking and management. Klout will give you an overall score for your influence on all these platforms. You’ll be able to check how much impact you have on each platform. The detailed breakdown helps to see whether you’re on the right track. Moreover, Klout also helps to measure the amplification rate and economic value of your posting.

  1. Iconosquare

This tools was designed specifically for Instagram. It basically offers three different metrics: ‘love rate’, ‘spread rate’ and ‘talk rate’. Love rate shows follower engagement with your media. Spread rate is valauble because it shows you the engagement rate among users who aren’t your followers. Talk rate is excellent if you’d like to learn everything about comments left on your channels. Inconosquare makes your job easier by displaying all these metrics in percentage instead of numbers, giving you a clear idea about what’s working for you brand.

  1. Twazzup

If you’re active on Twitter, be sure to check out this tool. It shows who your most influential followers are, effectively helping you to address the right people who might be willing to share your content. You’ll get a host of valuable retweet statistics divided into links and photos, allowing you to better understand what type of content really resonates with your audience.

  1. Keyhole

Keyhole is just great if you’re looking for a tool to capture the real-time performance of your hashtags. It works for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The clear minimalist design is easy on the eyes and makes the tool even more efficient in measuring the impact of your hashtags and optimizing your content promotion strategy.

  1. Buffer

This is a classic social media management tool which brings its users a wide range of practical metrics to boost the visibility and reach of their posts. Buffer shows how many people clicked on your links and evaluates the numbers of people who saw your post. You also receive a weekly social media report highlighting your best performing posts. All in all, Buffer will easily show you whether you’re on the right track.

  1. Google Analytics

Another classic tool, Google Analytics is essential because it gives you an impressive amount of valuable information about your website, as well as special media statistics. You’ll be able to tell how many users who visit your page came directly form one of your social media accounts. Knowing the number of followers who click on your links and go to your website is key to determine which platforms work best for customer acquisition and are worthy of your attention.

  1. Followerwonk

Followerwonk offers a rich metric report about Twitter handles users search for and tweet about. You can check yours and those of your competition to gain a better idea about your rank on this channel. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The tool is full of practical metrics, including a neat map visualization of all your follower locations.

Make the most from these tools and you’ll be on your way to building a strong community of loyal followers, effectively boosting the conversion rates of your various social media outlets.

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  1. Nice list! But I would add here also one of the best tools for social listening which is called BRAND24.
    It’s beautiful, easy to use, reliable and affordable tool!

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